All ladies from the Goodwin manor must always remain in proper etiquette when speaking to anyone and everyone. Never will she eat with her bare hand nor will she put a single toe out of line. A Goodwin woman is renowned for her poise and delicacy. The past three queens have all studied at the manor at one point in their life. It is an honor to come from such a well reputed place. The manor has bred the finest women of our time. It is said that no Goodwin woman will ever experience hardship. It is said that Goodwin women are pure perfection: beauty and articulation. Many comments are made; yet, no one ever mentions Goodwin women's arrogance. No one mentions their cruelty and worst of all; no one mentions how they treat those unlike themselves. It is time someone reveals the truth.


The floors were never that hard to clean. Considering the load that Eliza was stuck with, Danae was lucky. The girls never used the ballroom, anyway. They supposedly stuck their big heads inside it at least once a month, but everyone knew that they practiced dancing elsewhere. There was no need for a ballroom. Danae stuck the dirty rag into the bowl and let the cloth soak in the warm suds. She pulled it out and wrung it until it was slightly damp. Her hands were dry and calloused. She let out a sigh. Danae spread the cloth about the floor and scrubbed. It had to be past midnight. Danae's back was aching without mercy. Leaving one hand on the cloth, Danae reached up to replace the few strands of hair that had escaped her bun. Suddenly, Danae's other hand slid and she fell to the floor. Her head fell hard against the floor. She could taste blood in her mouth. Tears welled up in her eyes. Everything became blurry, but only for a moment. Danae gritted her teeth and wiped the tears from her face. She stood up and grimaced. She glanced around the room and knew that if she could hold out for another ten minutes, she would be done. Slowly, she placed one foot on the rag and another on the hardwood floor. Pulling her foot beneath her and pushing it out, Danae managed to finish the room. As she bent down to pick up the soapy bowl, she heard a muffled voice. It swore. Danae turned around carefully and was met with only silence. She shrugged to herself. She must have been getting tired.

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