Some things in this world grow old. Tedium sets into a routine, making your world indistinct. But coming home seems immune from this problem. Every time I'm as cheerful as a teenager to see my love. Home is a source of eternal bliss for me, just because of you.

You don't seem to show the same enthusiasm as I do, but I know you feel the same deep down. You never seem to show your emotions anymore. But I know they're just hidden, beneath your almost still-life face. Some people might think our relationship is unnatural, being so one sided as it seems, but I think they're just jealous of the dream state we're in.

Today of course is special. Your anniversary is a day I always look forward to. Like feeling God smile upon me that we've made it another year. I have a special evening in store, more so than other nights. I stop by the store to pick up a new perfume. I'm sure you'll love it. You seem to be going through so much of it recently, but I don't mind buying these things for you. I'd do anything for you.

I stop by work to pick up your gift. Ironic that at such a lackluster place as work is where I found a way to preserve our love. Grabbing the gold locket, I chuckle to myself. You always criticized me for my fascination of alchemy, despite your own fascination with jewelry. You never could get enough, and I was always eager to please.

I make my last stop before coming home, picking up your favorite meal of exotic foods. Probably best, neither of us are very good cooks. You used to be decent, but have somehow lost your touch, but I'll never complain. I say hi to the cashiers, as I know them by name now.

I come home to see the only light on, the living room. The same way it is every time I come home. I open the door and call out to you, just to be received by your silence. You've gone beyond such childish games, but I still find novelty in them. You're sitting in your chair, looking as beautiful as ever. The years may have taken a toll on both of us, but I see the inner beauty in you, the stuff only soul-mates see. I guide you by the hand to the table.

I light the candles and set out the dinner. I take out the perfume I bought for you and dab some on your neck. The aroma swirls around our bodies and fills the room. I feed your dinner to you, as you refuse to eat it any other way. Somewhat silly, but I'd do anything for you.

You don't eat much, but neither do I. The excitement of the day leaves little room for hunger to fill our minds. I walk you up to our room. I can only pray that you did as I asked and not gone in. I take a quick peak in to make sure you complied. My array of candles is spread around the room. Flower petals are still dispersed along the floor leading up to the bed. The covers are already folded over, leaving the inviting sheets revealed. I make you take off your slippers so I know that you will feel the petals graze your feet. I then cover your eyes and lead you in.

You're hesitant walking in, as anyone would be when they lose their vision, but I can feel from your gestures that you ultimately trust me. You provide no resistance as I walk with you over to the bed. As I sit you down, I tell you to keep your eyes closed. I quickly light the candles and bring out the wine from our mini-fridge for later indulgence.

I finally open your eyes, but your expression seems the same. But I know better than to accept your facial expression at face value. I show you the locket I brought you, which I'm sure you'll use later. Your eyes seem to stare straight ahead. I often wonder if you're always in the moment, because you seem so distant. I dream of what you're thinking, if you're thinking of me. I know I'm always thinking of you.

We have our fun, and I relax next to you and contemplate on our relationship. The same distant expression still looms on your face, but I've come to expect it. My body feels completely satisfied, and I'm sure you feel the same. You'd let me know if it wasn't, wouldn't you? I quickly dismiss the idea that we aren't in complete bliss. I love being with you, and will be always. I will preserve our love. I swear to God, that you are better at sex now... than when you were alive.