I was once told by a movie
That no good thing ever dies
So I thought on it
" And I rejected the entire experience"

They say that good lasts forever
And things that were thought to be good
And didn't
Wasn't good in the first place

They say that good lasts forever
Because the good lives on in other forms
Inside others
Inside ourselves, our mind, our heart

But they don't think that evil lasts forever
Somehow it is absolved in the end
But it follows the rules
Evil lasts as long as good ever will

Pain is a bitter rival of bliss in endurance
Lacerations can go deeper than a smile
Scars last
No great evil ever dies

So no good thing ever dies
And no evil thing ever dies
So nothing ends
Or do these things perish?

All things must pass, all things must die
The good that lasts in others and memories
Are not the original source
But rather a reflection of it, dimmer

I lost something
It has died
My memory fades
Except that you lied...

* Lines in quotes are from Poe's song "Could've Gone Mad"
From her album Haunted (2000)