Ok this is something new, it's not a poem or a story. I sat down and wrote this just thinking about it. This is what came out on paper. Hope you guys
enjoy and please R&R! thanks!

As I sit with you cuddling. Feeling the warmth between us.. I drift. I drift so slightly into a wanting slumber. A slumber of love caring, hope, and maybe, just maybe truth. The truth that this is right. Truth of this is where I'm sapose to be. Hopin' , wantin' that thought to be real. But then your clock tells us the sad reality. It's 10:30 and I need to leave. Leave to go to a home I don't want to be anymore. But I go knowing I'll talk to
you soon. With the happy feelin' you leave me in. It leagers ever so longly! It feels like it never leaves. And as I go on my way home. I still
think of you, as I say "Good night Dad, I love you." I think of you and
I sit here writing each word in my I think of you.