Stumbling past innocence, and
Wondering about that second try

Giving up on confidence, and
Living out her dreams about the sky

Keeping up appearances while
Leaping out the window in her mind

False pretenses, consequences
Looking for something that she cannot find

Missed out on what's left of love, yet
Wished-on all those precious lucky-stars

Maybe she could try harder, but
Then again maybe it went too far

Waiting for the day when she could
Leave this place if only she could fly

Shaking, not from the cold but from
Making wrong decisions in her life

Still there's hope for life again if
Hope means dying peacefully today

Healing wounds and righting wrongs, I'm
Leaving her with nothing left to say

To speak frail words would still be useless
Though I know she wants to anyway

Instead I'll just show her I love her
Hopefully by taking her away, away