Dream World

Want to know what happens when you fall asleep?
Want to know what kind of secrets your dreams keep?
After you've drifted away from this day
What kind of games does your mind play?
Drift away now and I'll tell you a story
Full of mystery and wilted glory
Want to know if your dreams are true?
Want to know if they happen in real life too?
Drift away now and I'll tell you a tale
One that will capture you without fail
Want to know if there's a catch to this?
Not if you don't mind having your free will dismissed
Drift away now and I'll show you things
I'll take you away with my burning wings
If you want the answers you better follow me
But you cannot leave, nothing comes for free
Drift away now and I'll keep you safe
Nothing can hurt you unless you lose faith
I'll tell you a secret, I'll tell you here
Die in your dreams and you die for real
'Cause dreams are real, no matter what people may think
Don't ever forget that, it's the most important thing
Drift away now and follow my trail
I'll tell you secrets that will make you wail
You cannot escape now, I own your ass
I can hurt you in your dreams and I can hurt you fast
Drift away now and I have you in my hand
When awake you are safe, but here, this is my land
If you want the answers to the questions you seek
You better surrender your free will and admit you are weak
Drift away now or stay awake forever
The choice is yours and it better be clever