100th Chapter Celebration!

This compiles my stories at a party!

This is my 100th story!

PARTY! Captain Corn Dog's house for all of DF's work, bring corn dogs.

Later at the party, they all arrived at once, Dude Guy Person Man Male, a guy on a murderous rampage, a guy singing the circus song 'Du Du...', Pizza-Man, a brainwashed guy, and about 70 more.

"This one time a woke up in South Africa on my birthday!" some guy said, "and another time, a fiery explosion happened near my, and destroyed my whole city."

"Yeah, will I've been in two wars over ketchup and catsup!" Jonah Traukay said excitedly.

"I'm bitin' the potato fish man!" Someone shouted and laughed maniacally, and pushed over the food table. Then Pizza-Man shot hot cheese out of his wrists to bring the table and all the food trays up.

"Oh a penny!" someone said and bent over as someone came running and tripped over him.

"What's your problem?!" The guy that tripped shouted, and picked the other guy up and slammed him into the wall. The guy looked around and ran out the door, followed by the other guy who was limping, leaving a card saying:

You've just been pranked by


"Well now that was just crazy," a fat crazy guy said.

"Psycho!" A psychiatrist shouted, and a fight soon broke out. 'Crazy!' 'Psycho!' 'Crazy!' 'Psycho!'

"Take it outside," Kris said, not forgetting to take both their wallets. The psychiatrist then started looking for his wallet and went on a murderous rampage!

"WHY WAS I BORN A VIRGO?!" Kris shouted dialing 911, the cops apprehended him, all he did was slice at a Libra.

Suddenly Del walked up, Del, King of Del Fantasy Story World.

"Wait your not in any stories," Keanu Reeves gasped.

"That, my friends," Del said, "is why I wrote an autobiography."

"Chief Blackhawk love Del," Chief Blackhawk stated.

"Okay, that's not one thing one dude should say to another dude," Del replied simply.

Then Captain Cookie and Captain Candy, and all the rest of the flying people started flying around, Pizza-Man wanted to join them, but he couldn't really fly. He started to cry/murderous rampage, then someone else BEAT him at that.

Suddenly, some kid who's name tag said 'Hello My Name is Mark' got kicked in the uhhhhhhh...HEY! There's Pizza-Man.

Then a crazy guy started to run-over people with a car, the cops apprehended him, and just decided to stay there.

Suddenly a lot of stupid people ran into the crowd screaming, "Del said-You're insulting my intelligence to me, HE! HE!"

Well, I think that's everybody, see you in another 100 chapters, and congratulations on reading the 100th Chapter of Delurusaum Felesif!