A/N: Well, I was bored today and decided to write a little poem.. where the idea came from I don't know.. but anyways, here it is.


My Friend

I have a friend,
Only one and no more.
She keeps me safe from harm
And always seems to know what to say.
She's always by my side
Even if others don't see her.
A soothing voice calms me when I'm sad
Helping me keep my head in stressful situations.

With hair a silvery glow
And eyes of every hue
She stands out of all the rest,
A picture perfect image.
Long, slender face
And skin as pale as the moon
Show her kindness without words.

Her words so wise,
Voice so kind.
Makes me want to be like her
Just like her
And leave myself forever
To be within her golden world.

She treats me like no other
And never sees my faults.
She's the one who knows me
Through and through
And yet she still remains a mystery to me.

Her skin so smooth,
Silky and pale
Something never seen on any other
That I have yet seen.

Could I live without her?
I'd think not
She's the only one I have.

She's the only one I know,
The only one who knows me.

She is, My Friend


A/N: Ok, so it wasn't as good as I had hoped it would be.. ^^;; I kinda ran out of ideas.. -.- maybe I'll re-write it sometime...
Oh! Let's see who can guess who or what her friend is. ^.^