Blue Skies

Part 4
The Journey Within

Ping helped Noel carry the poor invalid elf up the stairs of the Black Pearl Inn. Prices were a bit higher here, especially for four, but Noel promised them he had plenty of money.
Inside their room they laid Faeyana on one of the beds and pulled the sheets around her. Syril left to fetch water and Ping rummaged through her magic sack. After finding her spell-book, she began browsing for anything that might be of use. Noel sat at Faeyana's side, drying her forehead with a piece of cloth, and brushing her tangled sky-blue hair from her face.
Her cheeks were hot, her breathing was ragged. Noel cursed himself for not taking better care of her. This journey had been hard on her, despite the cheerfulness she displayed. He was glad they had picked up Ping and Syril, as he wasn't sure if she would have made it so well if they had not been there. He felt largely inept, this wasn't his forte. He didn't know how to handle anyone else but himself... he'd always lived alone, after all, except for these last thirty years.

[More to come... -Yadyn]