Do you remember when we were young? We used to sit on the swings all day long and you always said you'd never leave me. One day, we went down to the beach. I stood on a jelly fish and you carried me, crying, back home. Whenever I fell over and skinned my knees or one of the bigger kids at school picked on me, you were always there. You were kinda like the big brother I never had.

Do you remember our tree? The big Weeping Willow down by the river? We'd sit there for hours on end, throwing little pebbles into the water and just talking. You'd ask me how school was and if Damon, my invisible friend at the time, was still having troubles with the dark. I'd ask you about your parents and if anyone had custody of you and your brother yet. On the walk back, you'd always buy me an ice cream. Boysenberry, two scoops while you'd get Dark Forest. I see now that they kinda represented us….you were always an intangible forest of thoughts and emotions, I clustered around by your side, kinda like a patch of Boysenberries.

We got older, things changed. You met Summer and even though you said you loved her, you still saw me every day. That meant so much to me… but you'll never know now. I think I started to like you, I mean really like you, that year. I was always so dependent on you, you said you liked it though, it felt like I was your little sister. When I saw you with Summer and saw how happy you were there was always this strange feeling in the pit of my stomach. It got to the point where it hurt too much to see the two of you together. So I started making excuses. You never really believed me.

One night you climbed up the trellis and through my window. It was late and you were crying. I'd never seen you cry before; I didn't know what to do. You didn't want to talk so I just held you, thinking how strange it was that for once I was doing the comforting. You stopped crying, looked at me through teary eyes. You stroked my hair back from my face. This was normal; you'd done it for as long as I could remember. But then you kissed me. Secretly, it was what I'd wanted for a long time, but somehow it just didn't feel right. You moved your hand down to the tie on my pyjamas. I mumbled something and tried to push you away but you said it would be okay. I always trusted you.

The next morning I got a call from the police. There'd been an accident. They needed me to identify your body. All I can remember is standing there, staring down at your mangled face, the blood was everywhere. Your hair was all tangled, your eyes…so blank. And I remember thinking…thinking … 'you said you'd never leave me.'