Author's Notes: This story is about a young jewish girl taken to a camp and given to a group of soldiers as a concubine. But through the horrors and cruel treatment of the concentration camp, Maria manages to find her light and finds love that she is willing to cling onto despite everything.

Slave For Love
By Astarte Lydianna
Part 1: Slave

"Get up girl!" An enormous man in uniform hissed gruffly, as he pulled the half dead young woman to her feet. She could barely stand as she was being dragged across the dirty ground to a small hut.

Maria forced open her swollen eyes as she tried to remember what was happening, but as reality hit her she began to cry. It had been just three days since an army of men that claimed to be serving the 'mighty' Hitler had arrived in her town to destroy her home, kill all of her friends, family, and punish the Jews. A punishment for a crime they didn't if they did she wasn't aware of it. She sobbed louder as she remembered seeing all of the faces of her family being murdered. Her father, her brothers and her neighbours, all of them she watched brutally gunned down in front of her innocent eyes.

"Shut up!" The man screamed silencing her sobbing as he finally threw her into a small room in the hut. She felt caged. She tried to stand after being thrown down, but trying seemed to difficult so she allowed her near lifeless body to lay face down on the floor praying for death.

"Get Up!" The same gruff voice said again as he grabbed her already ripped shirt and pulled her up. The vile breast of a man held her as she finally managed to look up to see the two were no longer alone. In front of her stood another man in uniform, even more muscled and brutish than the first. Next to him were two men. One was actually rather handsome with stunning features and the other the complete opposite.

"No, this one can be an amusement for the lift ." The man in the middle said with authority.

Upon hearing this Maria was about ready to vomit. She felt another tear role down her face at the thought of any of these monsters defiling her body. She suddenly wished she had died along with her friends. She looked up in horror as the younger better looking man came closer to her. He circled her once making sure to examine her every curve before he stopped in front of her. He slowly ran a finger up the front of her chest and then stopped at her neck. He wrapped his murderous hand around her throat and pulled her close to him. "How old are you?" The male apparently in charge, asked her very sternly.

" ." Maria barely spat out finding it hard to speak with all of the blood and vomit she was trying to keep down.

The man in front of her then grunted and harshly dropped her to the ground as he turned to his superior. "You brought me a child!" he hissed. "No matter, find some men to give her are always easier to deal with when they're getting laid."

Maria almost fainted in horror, but she wasn't given the luxury as the first man came over and pulled her body up again. Her body however was to battered and exhausted to keep up with the rough grip of this slipped out of consciousness.