Claimer: (at least I think that's what you call it - the opposite of a disclaimer, right?) These charries are all based off of my actual friends, so if you steal these charries, you will be committing identity theft, which is a federal offense, and you will undoubtedly be punished. Just so you know.

The Castle of Randomness

Katie: (walking on, complaining to Andrea and Erika) -and I thought that yesterday was tough. I can't believe that Mrs. Fitzpatrick wants us to-

Andrea: (sympathizing emphatically) I know! The only thing I'm glad about is that-

DJ: (running on, clutching head) I don't have a stamp! I never forget ANYTHING! But I forget the stamp!

Erika: (smug) I told you boys weren't smarter than girls. (brandishes stamp)

(DJ lunges for the stamp, but Erika nimbly steps out of the way and DJ ends up crashing into Andrea and knocking her over. Kim walks in)

Kim: (raises eyebrow) Well, I didn't know you two felt that way about each other. (starts singing) DJ and Andrea, sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g-

Andrea and DJ: (spring apart) EEWWW!

Katie: (laughs hysterically) That was so FUNNY! (Andrea shakes fist)

(all of a sudden, Tall, dark, and not so handsome appears in a puff of smoke)

TDNSH: (waving arms in a flourish) I am Tall, Dark, and Not So Handsome! (waits for applause)

Kim: We noticed.

(TDNSH deflates, realizing that the five teens are not responding to his grandeur)

Erika: So what's your name?

TDNSH: I just told you. Tall, Dark, and Not So Handsome.

DJ: (mutters to Katie) His mother sure hit that nail on the head.

TDNSH: I heard that.

Andrea: (trying to break the tension) So what are you here for?

TDNSH: I'm so glad you asked. I am here to transport you all to a magical land from which you will not emerge unchanged! (waits for excitement, doesn't get it) Fine. Be that way. But you're still coming with me.

Kim: (pours on the sarcasm) To a magical land? Will we get to meet fairies? And Care Bears? And princesses on ponies?

TDNSH: (tries to retain dignity as teens laugh) If that's what you want, fine. But usually I just take the (cough) CYNICAL TEENAGERS (cough) to the Castle of Randomness. They usually get a kick out of that. (laughs evilly) Usually.

Andrea: Huh?

(curtain down)