The Journal of an Innocent
Original Novel
By: Rebecca Nowack

Renee's Introduction
Written: 1/21/01


This is a journal. A journal of happiness, anger, hope, and despair.
This is the journal of an innocent teenage girl. A girl who knows of the
darkness and horrors of the world, but has never experienced them
for herself. Her friends have told her about their experiences of the
harshness and pain of reality. But she. . . she is still an innocent.

What exactly is an innocent? An innocent is a person who has lived a
fortunate life. A life where the person's only problems were school,
siblings, parents, and how little time they have. No drug addictions or
offers, no divorce or mental disorders, no fears of a drunken parent
coming home and beating them. No problems with money, no depression. No
disillusionment. This is an innocent's life.

And of those who were once innocents? How was their innocence lost? You
can watch the news and everyday you will find out about some event that
took away the innocence of many. Bombings, school shootings, terrorists
attacks, a shark attack, or even a car accident can result in the loss
of innocence.

I am an innocent.

My name is Renee. I've taken my life for granted. It has been good to
me. There are no troubles within my family, and my parents hardly ever
fight. My brother is practically my at home genius that helps me with
every bit of schoolwork I don't understand. But, what if, one day in my
semi-secluded life, all that changed.

That's what happened to my friend Jamie. Jamie is not an innocent. One
day, her dad just snapped, and her life turned around. Soon after that,
her parents got a divorce. And ... well ... Jamie didn't take it all
too well. Jamie began to inflict wounds on to herself. In other words,
Jamie began to purposely cut herself to bleed away the pain. I didn't
even know about it until after she began to get help. She seemed to be
handling her situation very well. What if something like that happened
to me?

One day I will lose my innocence, it is impossible to live in the world
today and not. It may be a physical experience, or it may be an
emotional tragedy. No one ever knows how they will lose there

Or when they will lose their innocence, for that matter. For me , it
may happen in the next month or the next decade. All I know for sure is
that it will happen. How and when are questions for later.

And so this is my journal. The journal of Renee Nomber, an innocent.


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