Journal of an Innocent
Original Novel
By: Rebecca Nowack

Entry 2
Written: 1/25/02


Journal Entry Two
August 29, 2001

Don't let anyone fool into believing your freshmen year of high school
in easy. I know what I said before, but it's not the work that makes it
hard, it's the stress and amount of busy work given to you. At first,
all school is made up of is paying attention, extracurricular
activities, studying, and making sure your grades don't drop. But by
your second quarter or even half way through first, you realize that
it's just another school year where the teachers don't hate you any more
than last years. But the new workloads are tough and I should get into
some better studying habits. I never was much of a studier.

On the other hand, Adam's freshman year of college is a blast so far.
Apparently that math and science school he attended for his junior and
senior years prepared him enough for college.

I've said this before, but I can't deny it. My Geometry teacher is a
bitch! Actually, those were Carrie's words. Mine were 'hate her with a
passionate fury.' For some reason, my school has a ton of math teachers
who can't teach. For the past two years, I've been left to fend for
myself when it came to the subject of math. My teacher this year is
better than the last two, but as I have said, she's a bitch!

I'm worried about Jamie. She seems to have been recovering from her
depression, but I'm not quite sure. She seems happy most of the time,
but I really think it's just an act so we don't worry about her. I think
this because if Carrie and I start fighting or if some one says the
wrong thing, Jamie has a major mood swing and starts acting depressed or
like she's the victim or even offended. I've tried to talk to her about
it, but she just changes the subject right away.

Jamie is always trying to avoid the subject being her. I can understand
that, I wouldn't want to talk about a bad period in my life with my
friends. I'd rather not talk about it. But it's the way Jamie avoids
the questons, and the way she carries herself that makes me worried.
When she's around us though, Jamie puts on this happy-go-lucky attitude,
like things couldn't be better. I catch glimpses of her in the hallway
and I see her differently, who she is behind the smiling mask.


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