Remembering Art

I went back again that day, to see,
See if I had forgotten how,
How to achieve the perfection of my art.

The waltzing in the light,
Is hypnotizing and I remember,
Remember, the times I have danced,
Tangoed with it before,
On the bronze coloured floor.

Then I taste that it again.
The metallic tinge of bittersweet memories.
A long-lost love, is returning to me.

And I taste it again,
Its fire, its passion, its life as it
Sacrifices itself in the silver truth,
Mirroring my clouded eyes.

Those nights, when it was just me,
It was there.

My companion, my soul mate, my friend.
It listens to me, it never betrays,
And I trust it with my life.
My life's bitter red wine.

So I hone my skills again
And return to the dance floor.

Written: 15.09.03, 12.12am

A/N: Open to interpretations;there will be those who probably understand it muchmore than I'm dumb like that, I might go away and never come back. Bye, and sorry about unreturned reviews.

- ® Pris Yeo ® -