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The sky was a midnight blue, as a chilling, wintry wind seemed to ghost it's way across the desolate land; sending a slight howl that would startle even the strongest of hearts. But to the shadow that stood upon the cliff did not even flinch.

It overlooked a glowing, beautiful city; as the figure sighed a wandering sigh; it's sparkling eyes gazing upon the land below; the sweet scent of rain lingering about; a few tiny drops falling onto the moonlit land; the figure continuing to watch without emotion.

Locks of jet-black flowed with the breeze; highlights of silver entwined, as it brushed up against a soft, pale complexion; eyes of bright, sky blue still fixed upon the land. It was almost as if the figure was in a trance.

It's outfit was an all-black attire; a black, silk dress shirt worn underneath a black, cotton blazer; slight hints of sky blue weaved throughout it- almost giving off a bluish tint, as it reached to about his waist; sky blue cuffs being seen on the very ends of the sleeves themselves.

His cape was made of silk; falling down to where his black cowboy boots started; traces of silver weaved within the outside; as the inside held a river of sky blue; almost making him appear as if he were from the cosmos. He looked as if he were only in his mid-twenties; but indeed, his eternal life had caused him to see many, many years.

In his black-gloved right hand was a long, white gold staff; the stick of it decked out in aquamarine and blue topaz precious gems; the ending holding a type of heart-shape design; a few crystal spheres being seen in the heart itself; the heart almost holding an exotic, flame-type of design.

The handsome figure continued to stare; not noticing another make it's way up to him; sighing softly at their friend; speaking in a soft, and soothing manner.

"What brings you out here at this hour, friend?" it spoke, it's white, shimmering gown flowing gently in the breeze.

The figure sighed; placing his staff onto the ground like a stake, and leaning upon it; crossing his arms over his chest, as he laid his cheek upon them, "Reflection. Thinking back to when times were easier."

The female figure nodded, brushing some of her silver locks from her face, "Indeed. It does seem like only yesterday, doesn't it, Nick?"

She decided to use his real name, versus his title. It did not matter. They were alone.

Nick bowed his head, "It does. And now that the dark forces are defeated, and the dark and light angels are allied- there is nothing left for us to fight for. Just to watch the souls of those who are living; making sure to guide them on the right paths."

He took a moment to gaze up at his comrade, "Do you think we are doing the right thing, Melanie?"

The woman; now named 'Melanie,' let her glacier eyes wander towards the city below- nodding slightly, "I do. But do not forget, my friend; that just because we have defeated what forces were here- new ones are always brought in, and ready to attack."

"I know that well, Guardian of Ice. Do not worry. When things are silent, as they are now- that is when I begin to worry. It means that something is up," Nick explained, eyeing some of the precious gems upon his staff.

The Ice Guardian nodded once, "Though, there is something that I must ask of you. Friend to friend."

Nick took a moment to meet her eyes, "Well, you are practically my sister; so I'd be glad to help. What is it, Mel?"

Melanie bit her lower lip. She knew this would not be easy, but for the sake of what was right; she needed to ask this of her so-long ally.

"Nick, I need you to change the stars. To reverse and fix someone's fate. To shift the heavens, and to point the star of light into the direction of a girl. A girl that I have been watching over for years. You can call it my Hanukkah present," she spoke, gulping to herself.

Nick stroked his staff sadly. Despite his abilities to help people fall in love; and to protect the souls of so many; shifting the stars and changing one's destiny was something that was against the rules. It would cost him his eternal life if he even thought of doing said things.

He sighed, "My friend; unfortunately; that is something- that I simply cannot do."

Melanie whimpered, her blue eyes holding almost a shine of desperation, "But- Angel of Love- I beg of you," she spoke, her eyes seeming to glisten, as she met the sky blue eyes of the other angel.

Nick shook his head; locks of black brushing up against him as he gazed over, "As much as I love you, Melanie; and as much as you are my sweet friend; I cannot go against what I fight for. I cannot change fate."

Melanie gulped, "B-But Nick; she'll die. Her fate is to die alone; lust her only experience even close enough to love. She is already dying as we speak-"

"With each tear she sheds; apart of her dreams; her life; her innocence; is drained out of her; leaving her even more and more weak; her shelter being seeped the very darkness which created her spirit; eventually passing on of a forever broken heart. Yes. I do know it well," Nick went on, a slight hint of sadness.

Melanie blinked in disbelief, "Wait. You know about Shadow?"

Nick nodded, "I know of her well. Almost- too well," he began, his left hand touching his abdomen for a moment, removing it, as his eyes fixed yet again upon the lake.

Melanie arched a brow, "How do you mean exactly?"

The Angel of Love sighed; his pale, pink lips formed in an emotionless line; eyes of sky blue being fixed to the ground as he spoke, "Because, sweetheart-" he began, locking her eyes one final time, as he finished up, "She's- she's my daughter-"

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