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…"So, yeah. Then he looked at me, and I knew he liked me back. I mean, it was so obvious that we were making perfect eye contact. I mean, I was wearing a bright pink. That counts for something, right?"

No answer.

Onyx looked up from her drink, "Right?"

No answer.

"Shadow, am I right, or not?"

No answer.

Onyx smirked. She decided to be smart.

"And, yeah. Then a bunch of aliens came; and then Scotty beamed me up. Then Billy and his friends climbed aboard, and now I'm pregnant with his baby. And I'm also the queen of Mars-"

"That's nice, Onyx," Shadow replied distantly.

Onyx sighed, "Shadow, you're not even listening to me!"

"Huh?" Shadow spoke from the clouds.

"Dude, will you-ugh!"

Onyx slapped her forehead.

Shadow gazed up from her daiquiri, "Did you say something, Onyx?"

"Arg," Onyx cussed; brushing some of her locks of black from her pools of deep blue, "Ok; dude; something's bothering you. I can sense it. Especially after such a whacked out story as that-"

Shadow sighed, "I'm sorry. I really didn't mean to not pay attention."

"It's all good," Onyx spoke, "But, what's going on anyway? You barely keep it hanging at work; you're distant to everyone around you lately. Something's on your mind. So, tell me; what is it?"

Shadow set the fork she was holding down; staring upon her ziti and chicken, "I honestly don't know, Onyx. I honestly don't know. I mean, I had this- this strange-ass little dream the other night. Well, a series of dreams. And I just- I just can't figure it out."

Onyx arched a thin brow, "Strange dreams? How so?"

"Well, it's so mad whack. I mean, first I'm looking at a great battle almost; and there's this one guy. This guy dressed in a black- blazer/cape suit almost. And- he's holding a staff in the shape of a heart. Well, it's all so strange; and there's this other guy. Some guy with- well, with purple hair. Anyway, the staff-guy gets hurt, or something- and there's something about losing a baby; and I- I just don't understand it at all," Shadow explained, "You probably think I'm crazy, right?"

Onyx sipped her Coors Light, "Mmm. Not at all. I mean, dreams are hard to decipher, and everything. But, you've been in a daze ever since last week. Are you sure it's just the dream?"

Shadow grew silent, gazing down.

Onyx twirled the little rigged bottle cap before her, "Shadow?" she spoke closer, meeting her friend's pools of sky blue.

"I-I mean-" Shadow got out; her friend coaxing her on in interest.

She sighed, "It's Sienna."

Onyx brought herself up, "Sienna? You mean that one girl that you met? The one that told me where you were that night?"

The shorter one nodded, "Yeah. I can't stop thinking about her. I mean, she called me last week; then we talked again the next day; then we just- well; I told her I'd call her to plan something as a 'friend's day out'-"

"And you haven't?" Onyx wondered.

Shadow shook her head in guilt.

Onyx leaned in closer, "And that's why you feel bad?"

Shadow nodded.

"Why haven't you called her?"

Shadow released a sigh, "I don't know. I honestly don't. I mean, I want to call her. I'll admit; she is nice and everything. But, I just. I go to pick up the phone; and well, something holds me back-"

Onyx nodded with understanding, "Nerves?"

Shadow made a gesture of 'no', "It's not nerves. Hell, you know me. I'm tough. I just- well; well, what about our motto?"

Onyx blinked, "Our motto?"

Shadow nodded, "'Trust no one?' Remember? Wouldn't I be breaking that if I went off and called Sienna?"

"Not necessarily. The motto is for those that just want to use you and fuck you over in the end. Not for those that actually care," Onyx began.

"But, how do I know that this kindness of hers is all an act? That she and her brother are just waiting for me to fall into their trap; and then move in for the 'kill?'" Shadow asked, sipping her daiquiri.

"You really don't know. You honestly don't. There's no way of telling unless you take that one risk," Onyx started.

"But, Onyx; if I do- and she screws me over in the end-" Shadow went on.

"Then you learn your lesson, and start again. Shadow, do you think this woman would open up her house to you; and take care of you when you were sick from being drunk, if she just wanted to do something? I mean; hell; if she were a psychopathic killer- don't you think that she would have done that while you were passed out in the guest bed?"

Onyx leaned in as she finished the speech.

Shadow traced a finger along the condensation of the glass she had in front of her, "I guess you have a point."

"Of course. And hey; just because we have that motto doesn't mean that if something really great comes along- that you have to ignore what's there just because of three random words," Onyx explained.

"True," Shadow came back.

"Yeah. I mean, at least call her, dude. You said you guys swapped numbers; and you also said you seemed to really like her. Call her, Shadow. Go on; do it. Who knows what may happen," Onyx encouraged.

Shadow nodded, "I think I will. Thanks, Onyx."

"No big, dude. Now, enough of this mushy stuff. Bartender!" the taller one called; turning towards the woman behind the counter.

Shadow watched her friend order another beer; as she lightly ran the white straw she had placed in her glass around- mixing up the whipped cream and red drink together; thinking about what her best friend had just told her.

'Maybe I should call Sienna. Just to see how things are going.'

She sipped her daiquiri; looking up at the football game that was playing on the TV above them. She sighed in her thoughts. This was definitely new to the dark-haired maiden; but she could take a little chance.

Shadow nodded at this, 'When we get back. Then I'll call her.'

Sealing that vow with a chug of her drink; she slammed it onto the table; marking the final promise of that statement.

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