When I cried for you daddy,
You never came to my side.
It was always mommy,
Who tended to me.
She shushed my screeching voice,
And wiped away my tears.
She never let me down,
Even when I expected her to.
But you father,
You hated me,
Despised me,
Thought me to be nothing but a burden.
Work always came first,
Even the day I was born,
New to this world.
I was never good enough for you daddy,
I could never become the daughter,
Or son,
You wanted me to be.
I tried,
God knows I did,
To please you.
But I'm sick of trying daddy,
I can't take you anymore.
You haven't been a parent,
You haven't been a friend.
I'm scared to look into your eyes,
To even give you a hug,
Is that what you wanted our relationship to be like?
Because that's how it is.
You yell at me for things,
I don't even understand.
You raise your hand to me,
When I challenge your opinion,
When I make you look,
Smaller than you want to appear.
I'm sorry I'm not some child anymore,
That you can boss around.
That you can dress up in pretty clothes,
And tell me how to wear my hair.
I'm my own person,
And I have my own feelings towards you.
You probably don't want to hear them,
You probably never will.
I don't write your name,
Where it says
I only write my mother's,
Because she is the only true parent,
I have.

.:a/n:. Yes well . . . This sorta just came out. It's hard to really say
it's a good poem, cause its not. But sometimes I just write about my dad,
and cant really control if its making sense or not. But I think you get the
vibe, that I hate him. Lots.