Hope in the Shadow

How could you look into this face of mine and tell me that I'm beautiful?

How could you stare into my eyes and tell me I'm gorgeous?


How could you think that?

I'm nothing more than shattered dreams.

Who are you, to think you can tear down my barriers?

Who do you think you are, having accomplished so much, but have so much trouble finishing?


Who could love me like you?

Perhaps no one could love me like you.

Why would you lead me on like this?

Why would you feed me what I'd been told was a lie?


Why can't I stop listening?

I'm longing to wholly believe what you say.

When will you realize that I'm not everything you think I am?

When will you see that everything you love about me is nothing more than a broken girl?


When will I believe you?

Perhaps if you say it again.

Where will you be in thirty years, when I start seeing gray hairs?

Where will you be, when I begin to fade and my body crumbles?


Where will I be?

No matter where I am, you'll be by my side.

I say I'm ugly.

You're so beautiful.

I'm fat.

You are definitely not.

I'm so lucky.

I'm the lucky one, to have found you.

I'm a crybaby.

I'll give you my shoulder.

I don't deserve you.

You deserve better.

I can't stand to go on.

Give me your hand and I'll carry you.

I don't want to keep going.

Give me your heart and you'll never think that again.

Please… Don't lie to me…

I've never lied to you in my life, and I never will.

I don't want to become arrogant,

in believing what you say.

You're not that kind of person, and you know it.

Believe what I say, because I would never hurt you.

I love you.

I love you, too.