My Nightmare Barrier

I see the night so vividly,

Your haunting words escaping me,

But I recall your actions completely,

You tossing your hands into the air.

The only sound being that growl

which still makes me quiver.

Into my mental sanctuary I could flee,

Just for that moment,

Just for eternity,

Until you had taken everything you wanted.

Until you were satisfied with yourself.

Until you took the blade between curled fingers

And drove it through my heart.

The covers thrown back,

Revealing my moon-speckled nightgown.

The wounds are not there,

Though I feel the phantom sting.

There is no blood.

The echoing of curses and profanities is gone

quicker than consciousness had come.

There is no noise.

Save the gentle rasp of a deep slumber's snore.

Poor, tired man, I think, scanning my eyes over his figure.

Fingers through his soft strands,

Taking his arms and wrapping myself within them.

The nightmares are forgotten, for the time being.

The barrier of love we create will save us 'til dawn.