By: Kess

You smile and I smile back,
This gesture I emotion lack,
Devoid of shine, of norm luster,
But see, it's all I can muster,
At this time, this place and date,
Don't care enough to call me fake,
I'll smile back regardless...

Insincere, but pushing forth,
Followin 'long my chosen course,
Winding through this valley black,
Yearning for the thing I lack,
And even if I fail to find,
That which I had left behind,
I'll smile back regardless...

It hurts to say that it's all right,
When everything's so wrong,
But as I breathe, with all my might,
I'll stay steadfast for however long,
Until I find myself.

Until then or until death,
Until I shudder my last breath,
I'll lie to you regardless...

AN: It's been quite a while since my last post, neh? I was in a rhyming
mood, so yeah. I'll go back to writing cuts and haiku later, but... yeah...
~ Kess