"The Saga of the Sword" Part I

"The Dove and the Sword"

Chapter I: The Wager

Two figures stepped into the open plaza. The lush, thick vegetation covered most of the area except for the hundred yards of stone dueling area. The dueling area was all gray granite except for the red sandstone in the middle, which made the family emblem, a six-pointed star with a sword stuck through it. A hand stuck through the bush to place the leaves out of the way.

The older and taller looking figure emerged, he had long, silvery hair and his green eyes were illuminated by the moonlight, giving him an ominously corrupted look about him. His name was Miyoji Mian, leader of the illustrious clan Mian, a pureblooded family of vampires, which was known for it's violent tendencies. The family was so brutal that they would kill family members for the smallest benefit.

Behind him, the smaller figure followed. This young man was short and skinny and about the size and build of a ten-year-old child. His hair was silvery and spiked upward and his eyes were yellow, just like the glowing moonlight outside. He was Kiyejer Mian, the current second youngest of the family next to his little brother, Miyejin.

"Son, you're fourteen now, the age all in our family marry. Have you any preferences, Kiyejer?" Miyoji asked, left brow upraised in a curious manner.

"Father, you know my only preference. I wish to have Elizabeth Werehade's hand in marriage." Kiyejer said to his father.
Miyoji scoffs, "Of course. What is it with you and that human girl? It's a wonder I even let you see her, but if I didn't you'd have pulled a Romeo on me and eloped with that human scum, God help your sister, Ameli who pulled that. I've just worked too hard to get this family into a degree of pedigree to have all of it end with you. I'd give you any vampire in Hael to be wed, but I say to you, you shall never marry a human girl." Miyoji quickly thought of something. "I've got it! How about a friendly wager? If you beat me in a duel (in which I have thousands of years in experience), you shall get her hand in marriage, if not, you forget about this nonsense. Agreed?" He held out his hand.

Kiyejer grins sadistically as he shakes Miyoji's hand saying, "Agreed. But I set the rules, and the rules are that the first successful attack wins." He said as he and his father took out their double katana.

They bowed to start the match. Kiyejer ran forward at a hundred miles an hour, trying to knock Miyoji off his feet, but Miyoji merely stepped aside. Kiyejer continued running at an accelerated rate and jumped to land on the top of a small shrub, he then jumped off of the shrub. His jumps were extremely high. As he dropped, thirty feet, twenty-five feet, he held his double katana underneath him. When he landed, he left a gigantic crater in the plaza, the resulting shockwave knocking Miyoji backward through all the bushes behind him into the plaza wall. The duel was over.
As Miyoji rose from the beating he had taken, Kiyejer walked over to him and said, "Good thing you saw things my way, dad! Now, if you'll excuse me, I got a wedding to arrange."