Prologue: The Ending of the Beginning

There he was, a boy of around 20 years of age, struggling, and moaning from the pain. What happened? What did he do wrong? What did he do to deserve this pain, this torture?

"No! Please don't hurt him!" shouted the young girl, who was around 19 years of age, not far from the boy's age.

The boy's eyes met her, and they locked instantly. Both eyes were filled with pain, even though only one was being abused.

A man walked up to the boy. His eyes filled with hatred for the boy. He held up his gun and pointed it straight at the boy.

"I love you..." said the boy, directing his words to the girl.

The man clicked his gun—


The girl shot up, instantly awaken from her horrid dream. Her clothes were clinging onto her light chocolate skin, drenched in sweat. She was death stricken, and her eyes filled with tears. They slowly ran down her facing, letting out her pain and fear.

What had been so special about this boy? Who was he? Where is he? Only she knew…

The girl, with tear-stained cheeks, walked onto the balcony outside her room. It was still the dead of night; she could not even see her nose in front of her. All she could see were the bright stars, burning above her, and the graceful crescent, shining onto the city, giving it light, giving it hope, giving it peace.

"I love you too…" she whispered ever so softly to the stars, "One day, we will be in embrace, without a soul in this world to separate us, without a horror in this world, that can disturb us."

A tear fell from her face, landing on her nightgown, leaving a watermark. She continued staring at the stars, thinking of him.

What had been so special about this boy? What had he done to make this girl cry so? What had he done?


The girl, quite shaken by surprised, turned around to see whom it was. It was just the maid who tended for her, and she let out a relieved sigh, as though expecting someone else.

"Miss, do you need anything? Water, perhaps? Good heavens! You are freezing my dear! Sir will surely have my head for this, come on miss! Get on to bed, and let me set up a blazing fire for you, to warm you."

With that, the girl sighed again, and went into bed, knowing that it was no use arguing. The minute she went into her bed, she was drowned in the heat, making her hair prickle because of the gentle feel.

"Thank you Sarah. Good night."

"Good night miss."

When the maid shut the girl's door gently, she stared at the ceiling, wondering if she should dare to sleep once again.

But before long, the warmth got the best of her, and she fell into a deep slumber, hoping for a pleasant dream this time.

She moved slightly, just making her seem more comfortable, more beautiful, and more precious. The girl's name was Priya, and she was an Indian beauty. She had flowing jet-black hair, and it was soft as silk and it shined like the moon's rays. Her hair dropped just below her shoulders. Not too long but not too short, the perfect length. Her eyes, which were hidden with sleepiness, were unlike most Indian girls. Instead of being a dark chocolate brown, they were deep, dark, emerald eyes, in which anyone can get lost into and never find their way out. It was her special feature, which was adored by everyone. She had the body of a model, and the grace of a swan. She stood 5'4, again, not too short and not too tall, just perfect. Men would die for her, and women hated her. She was always lonely, yet always accompanied, usually by an annoying suitor.

Priya suddenly moved, a sudden jerk, once again. This time she didn't wake up; she slept through more memories, memories of the boy perhaps.

What had been so special about this boy? Why is he haunting this girl? Why cant he just go away, and leave her in peace?

What had been so special about this boy…?


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