Hey, this is beautiful black roses. I just want to clarify some things. I wanted to make the names all have something in common so they're all in latin. Laurestine- Delicate Attentions Nox Noctis-Night Miles Militis- Knight Inculpatus- Innocence Venustas- Beauty

"INCULPATUS, c'mon lets go!" yelled a skinny blonde haired girl. She was Inculpatus's girlfriend, Laurestine. Inculpatus was a thin, athletic, black haired boy. He had silver eyes and his heir went down to his shoulders. He always wore a cross necklace. He was told by his father that it was handed down in their family for years. Inculpatus was an attractive boy. He was also a perfect gentleman. Inculpatus was very quiet, he didn't talk much, except to Laurestine.

"Coming!" He replied.

"Inculpatus, I have a gift for you," Laurestine said.

Inculpatus opened a bag that smelled like flowers. He saw a red rose, a white rose, a black rose, and a pink rose. As I said before Inculpatus was a quiet guy. He didn't show his emotions very well, so he just looked at Laurestine. She could tell how he felt just by the way she looked at him. The two were best friends even though they were an item. She grew up with him.

Inculpatus picked up a black rose, but as he lifted it, he cut himself on the cheek.

"Oh, no!" Laurestine screamed.

Black blood oozed from his wound.

"What the h-!?" X yelled.

The blood disappeared and as the bleeding gash in his face healed, Laurestine felt his face and looked into his ice blue eyes. They were now blood red. His nails got an inch longer and much sharper. They then turned a black color. His skin went a pale white color and he smiled. When Inculpatus smiled Laurestine saw fangs in his mouth. She tried to run away, knowing that this wasn't the Inculpatus she knew. As she ran, Inculpatus sprouted black, bat like wings and pounced her. He then sank his teeth into her neck. He got the jugular vein. Blood sprayed out of her neck in a fountain.

"Beautiful," Inculpatus said in a monotone voice, although he was smiling.

He then drank all the blood as it flew at him, then he lapped up the blood on the ground. He remembered picking up Laurestine and flying far away. But now he's awake, pacing his jail cell convicted for murder.

"Laur-chan, what happened? Where are you now?" He asked himself, eyes glazed with tears, "You're the one person I got close to and some maniac kills you and hides your body?"

"It wasn't any maniac," a man's voice says, "it was you."

Inculpatus's eyes turned red.