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~/~ Endo sent a raven out to alert the Seven Saints. Within hours, the saints were all in his dining chamber. After a dinner, the saints got into their respective posts. At the front was Lily, the demon shinobi. Lily watched the entrance to the castle from the top of the tallest tree by the gate. The saints waited until nightfall.
~/~ Pretty soon, a kunai flew soundlessly through Endo's window. The window didn't shatter, but the area around the kunai melted. It flew extremely quickly through the air and then it landed next to Endo's head. He plucked the note out of his wall and read the note on it that said, "They have arrived."

A violent whirlwind appeared at the front gate as Lily chanted a ninjutsu spell.

"For you humans, ninjutsu is just fantasy. For us demons, it is reality!"

She made a black hole in the center of the whirlwind and surrounded ten demons with a sphere of ice. The whirlwind broke the ice into sharp shards and then the black hole sucked the demons together. Back to back, they were trapped in a jumbled heap, floating in mid-air. Sharp shards of ice impaled them from every direction and they dropped.

"I am Lily, a Shinobi. I may very well be the last thing you see so look well," she said.

Lily was about 5"3 and was pretty wore a full body ninja outfit on. Her blue hair came out of the back of her mask. She had a face mast and a long flowing ice blue scarf. Blue bangs popped out from under her mask that revealed only her eyes. Her eyes were cold and just as blue as her scarf, except much more intense. When she stared you right in the eyes it would send a chill down your spine.

She dropped down to the ground and with blinding speed, she cut off another ten demon's heads. Their necks had a thin red line of blood on them, but their heads were still on her shoulders. Lily put her kunai that she cut them with in the sheath that she was using as a hair holder. The instant that the kunai went into its sheath the demons heads rolled off of their shoulders in a shower of blood. Lily's scarf turned red instead of blue. Then without prior notice a huge set of teeth and long fangs sank into her neck.

"Ah!" she yelled, "Kamui!"

Kamui the werewolf that was between human and wolf in form, never really one or the other, attacked her again. This time Lily disappeared. Kamui heard chanting all around him. He looked left, right, up, and down, but he still couldn't find her.

"Over here," many Lilys said, fifty of them to be exact. They were all in mirrors around Kamui, replacing his reflection with theirs. All at the same time, the mirrors shattered, revealing all fifty complete Lilys. All of them charged Kamui. He ripped their throats out one by one except five of them before he was beaten to death. (Kage Bunshin no Jutsu! ^_^)

"I can't fight much longer," Lily said. "All of my copies had some of my life force inside of them and when they were killed, part of her died as well.

Lily looks back at her past. She sees her ninja village that had children running around and proud parents watching their kids grow into shinobi. She saw her family and remembered all the good times she had with them before she became a shinobi. She remembers fighting Endo for the first time and how she was doomed to be his ninja servant until she either died or protected him from danger. She then saw her future as the head Shinobi in her village. She shook her head to rid herself of those sentimental thoughts.

"I'm sorry," she said, holding back her tears.

She took off her mask. Her eyes were glazed with tears. She dashed to the center of the rest of the attacking men. She had seventy-one men left to kill.

She blinked back her tears, "This is my destiny!" she screamed. "Ninja can have no emotions!"

With that, she exploded and her charred body flew in the air. The resounding blast completely wiped out the attacking force of seventy-one men. Kamui was their leader.

"Am I still alive?" she asked herself while flying through the air.

She looked down and saw the ground going farther and farther away. She grappling hooked to the nearest tree and sat on a branch. She took special hollow shuriken filled with a mysterious liquid out of a pouch. She then threw them in the ground. As the next group came in, she chanted and it exploded, sending about five men into the air to be skewered by the surgical needles that Lily threw at them.

"My work here is done, I am no longer a saint." She said.

She ran atop of the trees as quickly as an injured shinobi could. Faster than the eye could see.
~/~ A kunai flew into a tree next to Orchid.

"Well, I guess it's my turn to play," she said.

She dashed at a crowd of Imps and battled with them ferociously. Her fighting style involved swift; but painful deaths. She had to kill them with one strike or not kill them at all. Orchid stabbed 15 hearts and severed 20 heads. On the way through, a fireball hit her.

"Dante," a voice said, "pleasure to meet you."

Fire spiraled from the sky and burned Orchid. She kept covering her face the whole way through.

"No, no! Stop it! STOP IT!" she screamed to no one in particular.

"Crazy bitches like you should be exterminated," Dante said. "Now I won't feel half as bad about doing it myself. But then again. there's no such thing as half of zero."

"Nobody ever felt anything for me. so I don't really care," she said.

A smile came up on Orchids face.

"What's going on?" he said.

"When I was young, my parents hated me, my brothers and sisters hated me, and even people I didn't know hated me. You know why?" she asked. "Because of THIS!"

Orchid moved the shield that she used to cover her eyes, revealing them. They were red and had small black pupils. Just as Dante came at her to attack, he turned into a giant fire and burned to death slowly.

Orchids eye could take anybody's energy or powers and replicate them hundred-fold back at them. It also granted her much more power than the average human.

"I killed them, all of them. They should have left me alone." She said to Dante's dead body. "I'll make you all pay!"

Her eyes changed again to have just red irises and no pupil. Now she could absorb life energy and add it to her own while multiplying it hundred-fold. There were 40 imps and demons in the group that was attacking her, therefore she had the power of 4000 imps and demons. She sliced and diced all of them in no time at all. Suddenly, her leg caught on fire. Then her arm.

"Huh?" she said, "Oh? Am I going to die? Finally, rapture!"

There was a limit to her power, she absorbed too much fire energy and now it was escaping her body. She ran with even more speed than before until her legs completely burned up. At that, she threw her sword at the last demon, impaling him; and making him fly into a tree next to Violet, who didn't flinch when this happened.

"So. this is death?" Orchid asked herself. "It's not so beautiful after all. If only, if only life had been better for me. I. I."

Orchid died and her small, scared-looking body was trampled by the next group, which was made completely of goblins.

The group that the saint known as Violet had to fight was small. It had just 50 goblins. Unfortunately, these goblins were able to use fire magic. To prevent getting burned to death and losing her fight, Violet surrounded herself with an orb of water and flew high into the air with it. She positioned her hand into a claw shape. This confused the goblins, how could she hit them if she was all the way in there and up there? Before they could realize what had happened. A giant claw made of water came out of the ground and picked up the goblin commander, Inferno, by the neck. Heat pulsed out of his body and into the water. Violet's orb started to heat up. It grew hotter and hotter until it started boiling. Violet was trapped inside a boiling orb of death. Using all of her strength, she crushed his neck with her colossal water hand and crushed his neck. Upon doing this she grew angry.

"Water Dragon, I am too weak to fight so I summon you! Please aid me in my fight!" shouted Lily.

Violet's orb sank into her skin like it was being absorbed. Her eyes went blank and her skin became blue. Soon her body turned into water. But the water was in the form of a small dragon. The dragon grew and grew until it towered over the trees. (A/N: Jaou! Ensatsu! Kokuryu ha ^_~) The dragon opened its mouth and swallowed the goblins. Violet calmly walked out of the huge, translucent dragon as the goblins struggled for air. She cupped her hands together and squeezed. Then the dragon shrank and shrank until the goblins bones began to crack and their organs began to get squashed. The water drop, which was now marble-sized, was now completely red with blood.

The victory sign (or to Americans it looks like the peace sign made with two fingers) came out of the ground and made a water hand in front of Dahlia, another saint.

"My last battle as a saint," smiled Dahlia, "Let's make it good."

Suddenly, Violet's body floated down a small river nearby.

"She can't be dead, I can feel her life energy draining, though." Thought Dahlia.

"Dah.. lia. Come here," whispered Violet, "There are. about 120 of them left. A huge raiding party attacked me and I tried. I really did, but I wasn't strong enough."

"Don't talk more, you'll injure yourself. I can handle it," Dahlia said.
~/~ As 10 demons surrounded the seemingly innocent teenage girl, her long, sailor moon-esque pigtails lifted and spun in helicopter fashion. She took around fifty heads this way until a dwarf gave her an axe to the foot.(gogo yubari.. Jesus I kinda steal stuff too much -_-;)

"I am Odin, the dwarf," He said, "I am the leader of the entire realm of dwarves."

He knocked Dahlia out, or so he thought and cut off her hair.

(A/N) Something else happened here in the true uncut version. but I'm not gonna put it up here. You're going to have to get the direct scan of this from my notebook that I write AoD in. I'll have it up.. .

The dwarf brought up his axe, or so he thought, and brought it down on her head. Of course nothing happened, for Dahlia's hair had grabbed the axe out of his hand before he could even notice. She opened her eyes and covered his mouth. (The other dwarves were turned around because of what happened in the uncut version ^^) The hair wrapped tightly around his wrist and crushes it. Then Dahlia cut off the dwarf's um. proper word [(Scrotum or Ball sack..) Nah, Nads sound good] nads and forced him to eat them. Then the hair snapped his arm in two. It then slithered into Dahlia's hand and straightened like a sword. She then stabbed him several times with her hair swords. She made her hair sword less rigid and wrapped it around a group of dwarves and crushed them. She was crushing the last group when she felt pain in her abdomen, arms, chest, and legs. She realized that one of the goblins had a sub-machine gun. She made a worm out of her hair and sent it off to Sakura. She promptly crushed the dwarf that shot her and his team members.

She leaned on a tree in defeat and thought out loud, "I guess it ends here. I wish I told mom and dad that I was a demon. They'll be in for quite a shock when I don't ever come back from my road trip to Tijuana."

She laughed at her joke and coughed up blood. She fell into the nearby stream that Lily was in.
~/~ The worm reached Sakura, who may be the strongest saint. As soon as all the demons came in, there was a shower of cherry blossom petals and tears. The men were nowhere to be seen.

"Child's play," she said, "Nothing like last time."
~/~ The executioner brothers, Abele and Alder, saw the cherry blossoms float through the air and moved to the area that was in total darkness. A furious battle went on. Machine gun armed demons shooting and Abele's axe hacking away at them. Alder possessed the bullets and stopped them before they hit abeles eyes or hand, which are the only things visible on him. Soon, after Abele took multiple bullet wounds on his hands and alder inspected all the dead bodies, the executioner brothers had killed their 400 demons. Abele made a vacuum by cutting the air extremely quickly and the cutting air sliced all the trees all the way to Magnolia. (Kinda like Raijuuta's Izuna).
~/~ "Feh, it's about damn tiem,"

The next group was made of water monsters that could only die if they were vaporized. The commander of this group had ten giant steel balls that flew around him, like electrons on atoms, making a protective shield. Magnolia dashed at the commander and took his body. She made the balls fly into him and go through his body until his body died. She then sent her own body downstream after taking her suicide explosives. Next, she blew herself up while in the commanders body, killing her possessed body and the water monsters.

"100," She thought as her spirit flew to her real body.
~/~ "I'm missing a hundred foot soldiers," mused Endo, "all because my troops didn't show on time."

He removed his highly decorated katana from its elegant display case and turned into a mist of blood.

A mist of blood appeared in the middle of the remaining 1250 men.

"1250? That's it?" He asked, "Commanders! All 12 of you come at me at the same time."

They pretended like they were going to do melee combat, but pulled out machine guns at the last second and shot.

"Silver bullets?" thought Endo.

With blinding speed, Endo unsheathed his katana and deflected every single one. They shot again, but this time he raised one hand and stopped the bullets in mid air. He performed a battou-jutsu(SHUT UP ALREADY! BATTOU JUTSU IS REAL!) technique and sliced them into pieces. He then sent them flying back at the people who shot them.

"Now, nameless, worthless pawns. Do you want to approach me? All 1238 of you?"

Without warning, he ripped off an imp's head.

"Too make this fair, I will tell you that only metal can hurt me for an extended period of time. Even that will heal in less than thirty minutes. That is, aside from silver, that will heal in about a week." He told the group.

A demon who had killed a priest took an oil drum filled with holy water and threw it at Endo. Endo started shaking as if his skin was melting, then he erupted in laughter. Then his spiritual energy boiled it.

"I'm not Dracula," he chuckled.

100 crossbowmen shot at him with wooden crosses with pointed tips rather than arrows. The arrows pierced his body all over. Endo then flexed his muscles and pushed them out.

"Like I said previously," he said, "Now, if you don't mind, no more warm- ups."

One by one he cut off their heads. He killed so many demons that their blood made a pool that went to all of their ankles.

Out of nowhere, a silver arrow pierced Endo's heart. Black blood sprayed all over.

"Lazarus, show yourself."

"He,he,he," Lazarus said, "You remember me?"

"How could I forget the man that turned me into a vampire way back in the stone age?"

"You remember all the way back then too, huh? Before the wheel," joked Lazarus.

Silence from Endo.

"Where's the Angel?" hissed Lazarus in a now serious tone.

More silence.

"Tell me."


"I'm stronger than you!"


"You're wounded."

"Sakura, Abele and Alder aren't, neither are your 1250 undead troops and commanders." Endo spoke up.

"Undead?" questioned Lazarus.

"I took the precaution of letting their blood get into my mouth whenever I killed them. Now I have 1250 slaves and three colleagues."

"Burn in hell"

"Been there," said Endo sarcastically, "Didn't like it so I brought it with me. Now I live there all the time."

Endo rushed at Lazarus, sword drawn. Lazarus blocked his blow and kicked his silver arrow wound. Lazarus then pulled out two kodachis(look it up) which were made out of pure silver and attacked Endo. Endo had a rough time on attacking, but defense was easy due to the short reach of the kodachis. After a while of fighting, a barrage of silver kunai went into Lazarus's chest, pulling his heart out and pinning it to a wall, and through his head, doing the same with his brain

"He was going to put on a mesh mask and throw silver dust into the air," A voice said.

"Thank you, Lily."

"Though I am no longer your ninja, Endo-sama. I will always help you when you need it. Farewell for now."

The ninja girl jumped into the air and the trees rustled, signaling that she had gotten away. Well I guess the battle is over.

"No. this can't be," worried Endo, who was almost showing non-sarcastic emotion.

Venustas had flown back and was standing ankle deep in the ocean of blood from the battle.

"Endo? Did you do this?" she asked.

"Yes, I did."

A tear rolled down her cheek. Her hair then changed from platinum blonde to brown. Her eyes changed to amber and she had a less innocent expression on her face.

"Her spirit has been tainted, the angel of darkness is coming."

"No, I can control it. That is, if I'm with you," said Venustas.

"Fine, the king and queen of the mortal realm will share their lives together."

"I love you, Endo."

"I . haven't heard that for six hundred years. I don't know what to say."

"I love you too would be nice," Said Venustas. (A/N this is important because she was being sarcastic and that means that she's not as innocent or nice anymore.)

"I don't lie."

"Let me see why you're so cold-hearted."

Venustas played Endo's memories like a tape.
~/~ A long time ago.
~/~ Christ.. That was a long chapter. It took me since late May to type it. Thanks to all the people that supported me all this time. Thanks a lot ^^. And a special thanks to the people who previewed Miracle Makers. That really made my umm. month?