Everyone always blames the wolf. Just because I was there the time it happened, don't mean I killed the girl's granny. If you want to hear the truth, listen to my story. Cause I never lie.

If I remember correctly . . .

It was a sunny day as I remember it, and I was taking a stroll through the woods when the scent of freshly baked pie filled my nose. I had no intentions of harming anyone, just creeping up on them, and scaring them for as long it took for me to grab the food. I didn't know what I was up against . . .

Innocence written all over her face, and the sweet red cape she wore to cover her from the cold, made her seem like an angel. I thought for sure it was going to be an easy one, boy was I wrong.

Skipping along she was, swinging a brown picnic basket that radiated the smell of mixed berries. Her blonde hair was seeping out of the corners of her red hood and her blue eyes symbolized nothing but kindness. But all of that was just a disguise for what truly lied beneath the red hood.

As she approached a house, I figured I better back off and wait till she came out. The element of surprise.

I found a tree, sat behind it and looked inside. An old woman was lying there, covered by a huge blanket. I thought it was an awful lot, considering she was sweating like crazy. Then, the little girl appeared, red cape and all. I watched closely as she set the basket with the pie inside on a nearby table.

She walked over to her granny, smiling like an angel. Their lips moved, but its not like I had super hearing or anything, so I just tried my best to understand. But they lost my concentration when I saw the basket being opened, and out came the pie. I licked my lips at just the site and my tummy began to growl. But when she lifted the top of the pie up, revealing the tin it sat in, I was shocked. She pulled out a gun, loaded and ready to shoot.

As she lifted the gun up, without even thinking I crashed through the window, in a desperate flee to save the old woman. I thought I had. But that sneaky little girl managed to frame me. Killed her own grandmother, and made it out to look like she was the hero. The hero who had captured the wolf that savagely killed her dear old granny.

So you see, that is what really happened that awful day. I guess Little Red Riding Hood isn't as little as you think.