Hello my tiddlystrumps?
Doth the strumpet call for you in the dead of the glistening snow night?
When the only sound is the twinkle of the stars and the shine of the
kitchen light? The pigs flew out of the slaughterhouse and into the velvet
baby blue and little baby blue cried inside the house in the slums and his
mama didn't hear cause she was in a red plaster world and the needle was
still in her arm and she was too far away too pull it out. And cool
sunglasses water ran through her veins chilling the blood and blood fell in
a puddle on the floor next to a dead child in his orange house with his
orange father weeping in remorse. killed his own son. son of a gun and a
trailer park in fall get on the road Louisa don't raise your knife don't
bring it down don't let it fall on those pale wrists that you own. own body
and soul, this husband his wide, why does no on stand? Why is there no
protest? Why don't we breathe in this air filled with poison and SARS and
death and remorse. why don't we admit it to ourselves?
Admit it.
It's over.