Loving a lie.

Summary: "I spent 1 week with him, and fell in love with him. And in a few more seconds, I got over him. But now, after all this time I find myself falling back in love with him. Although he did lie to me and does live across the country." Shelley thought she was over Grey, but what happens when he comes back into her life?



A 15-year-old girl with dirty blonde hair and greyish-blue eyes stood face to face with an exchange student from England. He was 16 years old with dark brown hair that flopped around his ears.

"I'm Michelle. But my friends just call me Shelley." Said the girl, smiling warmly. Her heart was beating quickly, this always happened around the male species. It wasn't that she was attracted to every single guy; it was that she got a weird feeling that she'd get hurt if one was in close contact to her. Part of her past.

"I'm Grey. My names really Greg, but no one calls me that." The boy responded casually, he took in the surroundings of the house, Shelley's house. It was a cosy single story with a lot of interior designing gone into it, which added extra room. He was staying here for no more than two weeks; it was part of the schools student exchange program. Well, that was what he had told her.

"Nice to meet you Grey, if you would like, I'll show you a tour of the house, and where you will be spending the nights." Shelley said politely, she was taught to greet others with some kind of respect, her stepfather had taught her that when he had moved in.

Shelley loved her life; she had a kind-hearted mother, a warm and successful father, a polite and well-mannered step-dad, one 20-year-old brother and 2 stepsisters. Her mother, step father and two step sisters all lived in the house together, a lot of renovations went into it, since the house use to be quite small. Her step dad was an interior designer.

Grey walked around the house with Shelley, he looked over it with awe; if only he'd had such a stable family life. But he was here for one reason; to find out as much about Shelley's dad as possible. It was a shame that her father didn't live with her anymore, but Grey suspected he'd meet him soon.

The reason why Grey wanted to see Shelley's father so badly? Because he was Grey's father, John's, only competition and of course since John didn't care about Grey, he had sent him over as a fake exchange student to interrogate the matter.

Grey's father ran a successful software company, which started to go down when Shelley's dad, Adam, thought of some revolutionary new idea's, which Grey of course had to steal.

Once the tour had ended Shelley invited Grey into the kitchen for a mid- meal snack. She prepared vanilla ice cream and a bag of crisps for them to snack on.

Grey took his ice cream and quietly munched on it while looking around, he was enjoying the simple silence, too many questions= to many careful answers.

"So, why did you decide to do the exchange program?" Shelley asked, she was intrigued by his country, but lack of accent. She presumed that since he was English, he'd have more of an accent, but that wasn't the case.

"Oh, just to get some more culture." Grey said, "I really enjoy travelling and thought it was a great experience to have."

"Oh cool. How's England like?" Shelley asked, spooning her ice cream and shoving it into her mouth, "I'd love to go there..."

Grey panicked, he wouldn't know what England was like, he'd never been there himself, "oh, it's great, quite different to here." Grey said, trying to make up anything as he talked, sounding as if he'd known what he was talking about.

The two talked while eating chips and ice cream, fortunately for Grey, the subject had stayed away from any important background information. They talked about favourite books, movies, cartoon characters and even foods.

Grey was surprised how kind Shelley was, at first, she seemed a little shy and snobby, but getting to know her he thought different, like he could let his guard down around her. He found himself going into his friends, brother, dislikes and hating his father with passion, even if Shelley never asked about them.

"So what does your dad do? He sounds a little rude to me." Shelley said, finishing her chips.

"Um, he works in tourism. It's one of the main reasons he sent me here." Grey made up, it was now the perfect opportunity to ask about her father. "So what does your dad do?"

"He works in computers." Answered Shelley.

"That must be great, I'd love to see how someone like that worked." Grey lied, not really caring since he'd been to his fathers work numerous amounts of times.

"Oh well we can go tomorrow if you like."

"That'd be great." Grey said, noticing how easy it would be to find out some ingenious ideas about computers. That way he may be able to get out of staying here for the whole two weeks and not feel as guilty as he did now.

"Ok, well I'll call my dad later." Shelley responded.

They spent the rest of the night talking about nothing much, eating and watching a few videos. As scary as it seemed, Shelley felt herself falling for Grey, he was kind, smart, caring and definitely not a jerk.


Grey awoke the next morning in the spare bed; he stretched and looked at the time, perfect, he had less than an hour till they left for Shelley's dads computer company.

He sighed; feeling extra guilty for doing something so vile to a nice girl like Shelley, he liked her and lied to her, if she found out, she'd never forgive him. But if he didn't do this; he would be homeless, and there isn't many people who'd take him in. He had a lot of enemies; well his dad had a lot of enemies.

Grey got out of the bed; he threw on a t-shirt and pair of black baggy pants over his boxers. He ruffled up his hair and lightly spread hair gel through it.

A few minutes later Shelley walked in wearing cargo boots, brown cargo pants and a white Singlet, she smiled warmly at Grey. "Ready for breakfast? I thought my mum could drive us to McDonalds and have it there."

"Sure." Grey replied, he walked over to Shelley and stood about a head taller than her. He wasn't tall, Shelley was quite short and athletic, and she always competed in the school sports and hated her height, although Grey thought it was cute.

They went into Shelley's step dad's car, Shelley's mum (Mrs. Chemise) was driving then there, "hello Grey." She said, "I hardly got a chance to meet you yesterday."

"Yes, it was such a tiring day and busy. It's lovely to meet you though." Grey said.

Mrs. Chemise smiled, "thankyou dear, well we'll just stop into McDonalds then pick up Ashleigh and Bec." Ashleigh and Bec were Shelley's stepsisters; they were 13 years old and twins. There mother left them when they were 5, a few years later Shelley's mum met their dad.

The car ride was pretty quite and uneventful, they had breakfast at McDonalds (Shelley and Grey both ordered the exact same thing) and then picked up Ash and Bec from a friends house. By that time the car was pretty packed, Mrs. Chemise and Ash in the from, Grey Shelley and Bec in the back.

Finally, after half an hour they had arrived at the computer place. Grey looked around; the place looked very professional, a lot different to his fathers, he mused.

Shelley's dad was standing out the front waiting them, he greeted Shelley with a kiss and said hi to the rest, not once did he notice Grey. This was Grey's time to escape and search for something useful.

He stealthily walked around the place, avoiding any curious workers. Once he reached the main office, Grey checked the door to see if it was open, and he laughed at whoever was stupid enough to not lock it.

He entered the office and found a large set of papers on the desk. Grey started looking through them, bills, company letters, statistics, but no ideas.

"Can I help you?" Came a voice from the door, it was Shelley's dad, Adam.

"Um... sorry, I got a bit... lost." Grey smiled weakly, his heart pounding quickly; he'd just been caught in the act.

"Who are you?" Adam finally asked.

"I'm Grey Lion." Grey said quickly, suddenly realising his stupidity, he'd just told the guy his name on a force-ive habit, but now, Adam could know who his father was.

"That name sounds familiar... do I know you?" Adam asked again.

"Oh, I'm an exchange student from England, I'm staying here in Shelley's house for two weeks." Grey said, putting on more of an English accent.

"Oh... well you're not suppose to be in here so-" before Adam could finish, Grey raced out of the door as fast as possible. "Grey Lion?" Adam said to himself.


The next week flew by fast. Shelley knew, deep down, that she had fallen for Grey. He was everything, sweet, kind, gentle. She just wanted him to hold her and to love her. But that wasn't going to happen, they'd only known each other for one week.

Grey was talking to Bec and Ash on the couch, they both flirted wildly with him, although they hadn't realised it yet.

The doorbell to the house rang.

"I'll get it!" Called out Shelley, she walked to the door and opened it, to find her father standing there, looking very infuriated. "Dad!" Shelley said happily.

Adam grunted, "Grey's lying to you. His father owns an unsuccessful computer company that has been out to bring me down for ages. He doesn't live in England and is only here to steal my ideas."

Shelley stood there shocked; a few seconds later, everything around her went black.

Adam hovered over Shelley, who was on the floor.

Grey got up from his seat to see what was going on, he gasped and saw Shelley on the floor, "what happened?"

Adam looked up furious at Grey, "I want you out of this house, leave and go back to your father before I do something I regret."

Grey didn't need telling twice, by 10 minutes later he was calling a cab out of the house, he left a letter for Shelley explaining everything. Soon he was gone, and never to come back.


"What happened?" Shelley asked, she awoke half an hour later, everything started flowing back into her, she let out a sob, "how could he do this to me?!"

Adam rubbed her back, "don't worry honey, he's just like his father." Adam put his hand in his pocket and smiled slightly at Shelley, "I'm sorry, I've gotta get back to work, but I'll check on you later."

Shelley nodded in response and buried her head in her hands.

"Bye." Adam muttered, he walked out of the house with his hands in his pocket, a letter inside. Adam saw Grey leave the letter, and picked it up so Shelley would never see it.


AN: few, that took me ages to write! Hope it's alright, it may be confusing with all these characters being introduced but if anyone needs any clarification, just ask. I actually quite like this story so far.


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