I held the knife.
Tight. Pain. I cried.
I let go.

One step. One more step.
And nothing
- Will be, would be, would have been

One move, nothing more
Wishes, Memories, Desires
High speed

Hearing words
"I love you"
"Never let go"
When could you understand?
- I don't believe in love

Feeling your touch is poison
Holding tight is my sin
I can't win

Hear "come get me"
I hear "come let me"
I fear you love me.

Punish me, Please listen
For one time's sake
Punish me

I'm a sinner, I deserve nothing
I'm a winner, I hate winning

Memories, Tears
Rain falling on my cold skin
Warm and toxic feeling.

Well taught, Swallowing pain, Loving pain
Pain is just another kind of pleasure

A knife, An edge, Sharp
A fall, A bridge
So near
So far