Carnival of Emotions

In our Realm of Fairies there's only happiness, On a day of high spirits we met, My heart and stomach on a carnival ride of emotions, You with a tail me with a celestial marking,

Two Flaming Arrows flying through the sky called life, The separate Fires joining in their destined course in the sky, Where the two will land is unsure, No matter where they land their Flame will thrive and spread,

In the cool September breeze, hand in hand, We travel through a Time that has long past, Though most wished us Part and still do, We are still heart to heart, through and through,

Though Miles away, an hour apart, We still belong together, We both hold each other's future in our hands, Secrets are meant to be hidden from others but not one another, Promises made on a cold night while Swinging on a porch swing,

Arrow after Arrow you carefully you expertly step, You aren't an illusionist you are working Magic between us, Message after sweet Message we weave a strong web of trust, Never to be broken again by the disappearance of a state of mind,

Mistakes made, Mistakes forgotten and made again, Emotions Wrestling with the feelings the mistakes arise in me,