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Chapter One: First day at school!

Alex Harding runs through the halls of his new high school. He is about five foot six and lean. His hair is a calm brown. He is wearing the uniform pants and shirt. His blue eyes search the classroom doors as he passes them. Alex's mission is to get settled in and make friends without getting too close.

He finds the proper door and quickly darts in. He is face to face with a class of teens. There is no teacher and most of the students don't look up at him, but his eyes immediately drift to two young men sitting at a large table that has four empty chairs. There are about six other tables but they are all full. He wanders over.

"Hi, um. can I sit here?" He asks cautiously. One smiles at him. He has sparkling brown eyes and brown hair. He is lean and looks very friendly. He is wearing the school uniform. The other young man has black hair that hangs in his face. He doesn't look up at him. He is wearing the same uniform.

"Yeah." The brunette says. Alex sits down and looks over at the two guys. He smiles but is really nervous. "So, what's your name?"

"Alex." He says.

"Hi Alex, I'm Nick and this is Robert." He says motioning to the man with black hair. He doesn't move. After a few moments of talking Alex and Nick are friends. They have a lot in common. Alex moves closer to Nick.

"Is he ok?" He asks. Nick laughs.

"Yeah, he's just dozing." They both look at him. Alex finds he is laughing at him. Nick starts to laugh.

"How can he sleep like that?" He leans over and studies his face. His eyes icy blue eyes open and startle Alex. Nick laughs.

"I wasn't asleep Nick." Robert says. His voice is cold and mean. Nick laughs again. Alex is staring at him. He notices and frowns at him. "I see you found someone that shares your intelligence level."

"Hey now Robert, Alex is new at this school so be nice to him." Nick says with a firm tone. Robert looks over at the boy and raises his eyebrows. He takes his hand and shakes it.

"I'm Robert."

"I'm Alex. I'm supposed to share my room with a Robert." The door opens and Robert looks over at the two girls that just entered the room. He turns back to face the other two his face is filled with loathing for the girls. Alex looks to Nick for some answers. Nick has a fake smile plastered on his face.

"That's Lisa. Robert hates her but she is convinced that she can get him to like her. She's been trying for a long time. I wonder when she's going to give up." She smiles at Robert and waves. He doesn't return the greeting. He looks away from her. With that she waltzes over and looks at Alex.

"So who is our new peer?" She asks. Alex gulps as he stares at the pretty girl. She is about his height and has long white blond hair. She has cold grey eyes that bear into Alex like a ravenous wolf.

"I'm Alex." He says as he tries to act civil towards the girl. The girl holds out her hand and Alex shakes it. "You must be Lisa."

"Ah, so you've heard of me then?"

"Yeah, I've only been here five minutes and I've heard everyone talking about you."

"Well, if that isn't so sweet. Well, I guess you've heard that I'm single too."

"Actually I haven't heard that." Alex says in an amused tone. He shoots a look at Nick, who, shrugs at her remark.

"Well, I am and I would love to show you around school sometime." She says in a polite tone but there is something wrong with how she says it.

"That would be nice."

At that moment, a fat man wanders into the classroom and starts talking about quadratic equations. Alex and Nick write each other notes to keep the boredom away. The bell rings and the two rush to clean up their little notes. Robert waits for them.

They walk out into the hall. Nick is so happy to have made such a nice new friend.

"Robert never writes notes to me."

"We'll do it again tomorrow." Alex laughs as Nick walks off to his class.

"You two are going to fail." Robert comments. He shivers slightly as they step out into the quad. Alex notices and reaches to warm him but immediately refrains from touching the man.

Suddenly the last bell rings. "Are we late?" He asks. Robert sighs and nods.

"Yeah we're late." He takes off running down the hall. They burst into the classroom. The teacher is sitting in her seat not noticing that they are even late. They both walk over to the table where two other guys are sitting. One boy has his black hair slicked back and tied into a tiny little ponytail his eyes are black. He is wearing the uniform but has a scarf wrapped around his neck. The other young man has light blond hair and green eyes that seem to shine. He has on a green sweater and uniform pants. The guy with black hair looks at Robert.

"Is this why you're always late?" He asks in an insipid tone. The blond guy motions for Alex to sit next to him.

"I'm Cal." The blond one says. His eyes shine and Alex can't help but smile with him. He offers him his hand. He takes it and shakes it.

"I'm Alex." He says.

"I'm Kyle." The one with the slicked hair says. The teacher stands up in front of the class and starts talking about the questions about the poets they had for homework. The other three boys hadn't done it; fortunately Alex's last school had already gone over said poets. He answered all the questions without hesitation and with extra information. Kyle was smiling at him. He had never met anyone so well versed in early nineteenth century poets.

The bell rings and Alex gathers up his things, while Robert takes Kyle aside. Cal is quick to listen.

"Who has advanced art next?"

"Mike does." Cal offers.

"Ok, I'll take him to Mike." Kyle says as he notices Alex walking over. He gently nudges the brunette. "Come on."

"You have art next?" Alex asks. He smiles.

"No, I'm not very artistic." He laughs. Alex smiles.

"Is Nick going to be there?"

"No, Nick is more of a crafts kind of guy. But a friend of ours is in there. He is a real great artist. He's really quiet and doesn't smile much but all of his feelings come out in his art." They arrive in the art room. Kyle takes Alex over to a young man with dark blond hair and dark eyes. He is wearing a long grey jacket with a black scarf. He smiles quietly at him and Alex already knows he is going to like him as much as he likes the others. Mike looks at the young man like no one has ever looked at him before; it startles Alex to see someone so insightful

A red-faced man stands up and starts shouting that art is serious and that doodles will not be acceptable in his class. Mike rolls his eyes and looks to Alex. He looks slightly worried at this man's attitude.

"Don't worry about him. He's just trying to scare all the new students. He isn't that bad at all." Mike says. After being dismissed to work on whatever they wanted Mike takes Alex to the back room.

"This is for advanced students only. So it'll be just you and me back here." Alex smiles as Mike gets him a sketchbook. "Here. I hope you don't mind classical." Mike says. It's all I can listen to when I paint."

"I like classical." Alex says. He puts on a sad slow song and starts to paint the black clouds rising over the hills of soft grass. Alex watches for a moment but then starts a drawing. It is a very crude drawing of Mike as he stands by the easel. He looks over at him and sees Alex watching him. He looks at the drawing; he smiles, as it gradually gets better.

"I know it's awful." He says as he tries to hide it.

"No," Mike says, "its quite good actually." They continue with their art until the bell rings. Mike and Alex exit the class, talking about their dreams in the art world.



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