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Chapter Eight: I'll be fine

'Dear Robert,

You must forgive me. But I must do this alone. I fear for your safety and for our welfare. I feel that I have to repent and the only way for me to do so fully is to put only myself at risk. I will always love you even in death. Mike will fill you in on everything that he knows. I love you.


"Alex?" Robert calls. He stands out in the desert. He stole a vehicle and drove out to the drop point. He follows the tracks of the dune buggy. He climbs over the hill and stares out at the base. He can see Alex running full speed towards the hill with some guy right behind her. He watches as Alex stops and hands the young man something and points to the hill. She says something. It seems the young man won't listen. Alex hits him and shouts.

"Take it to room number five in the hotel in the small town near here! Now!" She screams. The young man nods and takes off running. Robert intercepts him and asks for the info. The young man hands it over.

"What did she tell you? Did she say anything?"

"She wants you to take that to the General now. She told me to take you there, if need be." Robert looks back over the hill and sees Alex shouting at some guy.

"That must be Blade." He whispers to himself. The soldier nods.

"Yeah that's Blade. He's going to kill her. Let's go." The soldier says pulling at Robert's arm. "Alex made me promise that she wouldn't die in vain. She wanted you kept safe."

"What?" Robert asks turning to the soldier.


"Girl! You give me back the data now!" Blade shouts at her. Alex frowns at him as she stands fairly close to the cliff. She slowly shuffles towards it.

"I have a name Damn it! My name is ALEXIA! You know what? Screw you Blade! I've had enough. Ever since I was little I was never allowed to think for myself! To have feelings! You stole my childhood from me, my family, my happiness, hell, you even stole my first kiss! I'm done Blade! I quit!" She shouts at him. Blade looks slightly taken aback with the information.

"Just give me the data and you can leave." Alex starts laughing.

"I don't have it anymore. It's already headed to the General." She laughs at him. He pulls a gun out of a holster.


A gunshot rings out in the silence. Robert looks over and sees Alex stumbling backward holding her gut. She falls off the cliff. Robert is frozen for a moment. Robert manages to scream her name before the other soldier covers his mouth. Blade points to the hill and immediately a few hundred men are running towards them. The soldier pulls Robert from the scene and puts him in the dune buggy. Gunfire flies past them. A giant explosion erupts swallowing the area just short of the hill.

Time doesn't seem to move for Robert. A bullet hit him in the arm but it never pained him. He stands back at the school. He stares at the disk and then looks to the building. Blood gushes freely from his arm but he doesn't feel it. His heart is aching and is slowly torn apart.

The General is pleased to see the data and gives Robert a huge bonus. The General was of course solemn when he heard of Alex's death. Robert didn't say who Alex really was.

They didn't find Alex's body; the river had washed it away. There was no way anybody could survive such a fall from the cliff and swim to shore. There were rocks and the quick moving river was fairly shallow. There was no way the soldier survived.

At the funeral Robert stands next to the empty casket meant for the young soldier who had died in action. Tears fill his eyes as do they fill Mike's. The two young men hold back their tears. Cal weeps freely as he clings to Mike. Nick keeps swallowing hard as he stares at the casket. He never thought any of them could die so young. Kyle stares at the casket and mutters things under his breath. He takes off and Nick follows to calm him. Cal pulls away from Mike and rushes down to some girl. He falls into her arms and weeps.

"Robert, are you going to be ok?" Mike asks. He doesn't look at the young man but instead keeps his gaze on the flowers that sit upon their friend/lover's casket. "I still have Cal and I have all the memories with Alex. I can't help but feel that you're going to do something stupid."

"I'll be fine." Robert says. A single tear rushes down his cheek. Cal takes Mike's arm and leads him away from Robert. Robert stays behind and doesn't leave until it starts raining.

The following week a new partner is assigned to Robert's room. He is a tall young man with dirty blond hair and dark eyes. He and Robert get along fairly well but Robert hardly talks to him. Nick, Kyle, and Cal take to the new man, James, well enough. Mike and Robert keep their distance from him. The two of them spend time talking about Alex and who she really was.

It should be no surprise but Toni was arrested for her spy detail and Robert has to wait to get a new mechanic. It takes a few months for them to get a new mechanic in that would be able to keep up with the damages and repairs to the machinery that Robert works with.

A young woman about five foot six wanders into the weight room. She has light brown hair that barely touches the tops her shoulders but the tips are dyed bright cerulean blue. It matches the color of her eyes. She has on a pair of tight fitting jeans and a light blue top. She is holding a clipboard and stares hard at the group of you men.

Robert is transfixed on her. He immediately stands and the young woman dives into his arms. He takes her in his arms and squeezes her tight. He kisses her head and vows to never let her go again. Mike smiles.

"Robert." She breathes as she kisses him.

"Alex, what happened? How did you survive? Where have you been for the past few months?" He interrogates. She kisses him and steps back.

"Alex is dead. He died back at the cliff. My name is Jessica. I'm your new mechanic." Robert laughs and takes her up in his arms and carries her up to the room.



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