Dedicated to my friends, past, present, and future, who have and will teach my that maturity has its ups and downs.

Innocence died out long ago,

Like a trend of violent crime,

Wishing on a dream became extinct,

When drugs and rumors took our time.

Our hearts were pure,

Full of light and trust,

Morals reigned supreme,

Now, shaded by lust.

At my age now,

I've got no time for fairy tales and lore,

At my age now,

I don't know what they're any good for.

Heroes fail first impressions,

Fantasy transforms into dead ends.

The only peace is in slumber,

Where seraphic light extends.

Dragons have left,

With plastic swords in dust,

We only sing a lullaby,

When children say he must.

(repeat chorus)


Our souls have divided,

Reality has entered,

Now on our toils the,

Attention has centered.

(repeat chorus until end)