On late nights cold
Cemetery tales told
Among the stones
Above the musty bones
Sit the children
In Death's den
Skeletons smile
Ravens cackle all the while
The children beyond the womb
But draw near the tomb
In the bone yard
Where lies the great old bard
Who's voice told much of all
But even the champions must fall
The wind sings
Of the violence it brings
Upon tempest wings ravens fly
Under thunder voices die
Emptiness fills the foot falls
Silence fills the echoes between the stone walls
The children go further in darkness
Seeing nothing but blindness
Deafening silence kills the ears
But raises steadily are the fears
The casket made of stone
But inside still lies flesh and bone
The voice fades
Left are you shades
Of your spirit and shadow
Nothing left but eternal sorrow
Flesh away it rots
And the blood it clots
Bones remain
The have been slain
Never to return
Imprisoned in torment to burn
Even the bones crumble away
Nothing but dust at the end of the day