Let's be a fairy.
We'll imagine that we live in a little flower, drink honey all day and wear
flitsy dresses.
Why flitsy dresses?
It's because that's what fairies wear.
Why do fairies have to wear flitsy dresses?
Well, I suppose they don't; but if you want to flit from flower to flower
and drink honey all day, you have to wear a dress to match. You can wear a
tutu or a flitsy skirt instead, but if you want to wear jeans and a tee;
I'm sorry that's not allowed.
The Triple F, or Federation of Flitsy fairies, prohibits it.
So after all this, what is a flitsy fairy dress?
It is any kind of dress made out of thin material that has a short skirt.
The skirt has to swirl around you when you twirl, and swish when you walk.
Now that I've explained this, let's start a petition. We'll get a hundred
signatures on it and send it to the Triple F saying that we want fairies to
be able to wear whatever fairies want!
Jeans and a tee, anyone?