It's not that simple,
You can't just buy my love.
You can't just expect all my pain,
All those years,
To disappear.
I cannot be bribed,
Into loving you.
You missed out,
You missed my life,
You aren't in my heart,
I cant pretend,
Like I didn't cry,
All those tears.
That I didn't feel,
All those fears.
I did,
And that is something,
That cant be erased.
There's no chance,
Of starting over,
Starting new.
I'm scared,
Scared of your hands,
Scared of your face,
Scared of your every movement.
I don't want to be scared anymore.
I need to move on,
Leave you behind.
You're just a cloud,
Hovering above me,
A burden.
I need to break free,
Free of the chains attached to the wall,
Free of you.

Why did this have to happen?
Why do we have to live in hate?
I blame it on you.
All of it,
I blame it on you.
You're the one,
Who ran,
When I needed you.
You're the one,
Who always found something,
More important.
I was never,
The first on your list.
I don't know where I stood,
I don't care anymore.
You don't matter to me,
I hate you too much now.
All the things you've done,
All the more things you've missed out on.
You can't travel back in time,
And fix everything.
What's done is done,
We're no longer,
Father and daughter,
But strangers.