When you think about it,
One hundred years isn't a long time,
To live.
When one year,
Goes by so quickly,
Its barely even there.

When you're a child,
Things seem to be so slow.
Minutes too long,
Days endless.
Holiday's can't come soon enough,
Its as if,
The world is slowing down time,
Just to make you suffer the wait.

But when you grow older,
You learn,
Just how precious,
That one-minute is.
And how quickly,
Those months till holidays,
Pass on by.
If anything,
You want time to slow down,
Give you time to live.
Some slip into depression,
A dark hole,
Waiting for you.
While others decide,
Life shouldn't be wasted,
Life should be lived,
And do all they can,
To be happy.

However you spend it,
Doing whatever you feel,
Life is short,
Shorter than most like.
And there's nothing we can do,
To change it.
But we can adjust to it,
Accept it,
And live.