You're such a silly fool,
flitting around with that huge smile.
Grasping onto little things,
you try to teach me about life.

I've lived longer than you.
I know there's no pot of gold.
So, why are you running so-
chasing rainbows and unicorns?

You try to show me life
but all I see is disease.
You bear no wings so why
try and pretend to soar?

Always laughing, never blue
for longer than a moment.
A small part of me would like
to see the bright world you live in.

It's black where I am,
gloomy and dark with no sun to look upon.
Yet you're always chasing rainbows
and tying smiles into my hair.

You love without conditions.
You could teach the world to laugh.
You're always chasing rainbows.
Someday, I hope you catch one.