I opened my eyes to see
below, an emerald sea.
Above, the sun of blue and gold.
Around, the breath of angels untold.

I saw myself and felt humble.
Fears and doubts began to crumble.
I clothed myself in visions and dreams
and stepped out into the city of screams.

Bejeweled and wondering,
I watched souls, lost and floundering.
I forgot myself and remembered others,
felt pity for my sad sisters and brothers.

Peace flew from my fingertips,
starry and lit with glist'ning bits.
I was brilliant, full of fire.
I was beautiful, ripe with desire.

I drifted 'cross the barren land,
granting love from my glimmering hand.
I fell asleep in an empty space,
and awoke to my disfigured face.