Looking deeper
Past the harsh glare and emotionless eyes
I can see you what for you are at heart
A scared boy, afraid to let go of what's safe
Putting on a mask, masquerading
Through life, keeping a secret
Until you fall, scrape your knee
On something you didn't expect
Something like me
Let go, let yourself live
Cry tears of ice water
Remember what you see
Sending chills up and down your spine
Blood rushes to the tips of your slender fingers
Smiling like a little boy, still a child at heart
But finally grown up
Just take my hand we'll be just fine
I'm not being patronizing
If I am don't throw a tantrum
I want to be the one always there for you
To feel myself in your embrace
Knowing we both feel comforted
Just like two grown up children
In a world of sorrow faced adults