Dark black locks of choppy hair
Falling above the shoulder
Entwined around long slender fingers
Mondaine steely azure eyes
Narrow as they scruntize
Anyone daring to step within
The boundaries so clearly set
With his steely azure gaze.
Imperfection threatens to shatter
The ice in his eyes hiding
Him from seeing what is really there
Tough but naive in his stubborness
Ice coarses through his choked veins
Avoiding the unexplored
To stay safe in his hollow deep in the dark
Rider of the dark thunder at twilight
Fearing nothing behind the iron exterior
Feeling no emotions, only rage
Confusion poisoning a well oiled machine
Looking over at love, hearing laughter
Steely azure eyes soften
Showing a source of weakness, his achilles heel
Fleeing away, shunning his eyes from the site
His jaw juts out jauntily to the side
Running to the place hidden by the stars
Curling up at the feet of the god
Of the universe, holding the Earth on his pinky toe
Fingers itching to scratch out a planet or two
He falls down from his perch above the known
Riding the back of a shadow dragon
The mysterious demon with steely azure eyes
Finds his heart ripped out of his chest
A feeling never felt before as he leaves
Unsuspecting little demon, never dreamed
He'd feel remorse, or sorrow
Hovering inbetween the sky and the earth
Confusion has set in,
The azure eyes have lost their steeliness
As they gaze frantically around for an answer
To what this new feeling is
He's alone, not a strange thing
He just wishes someone was being alone with him.