Horror of the written word
Horror of the witnessed world
Feel the fear which he shows to you
Feel the fear which he brings to you
Read the horror of his written words
Read the hate and fear in those written words
See the truth
See the lies
See it all from the perspective
Of your worst fears.

Brought to life in the stories
His inner demons and superstitions
Join the flight from the demons

Join the fight for the truth
Join the fight versus the fears
Which he holds so dear
To manipulate them without fear.
See the horror which he brings
See the life which he led
See that which led to this
See that past of
Loss, life, love, imagination.

Watch the ripples of time
As they flow through
The fears which you feel
As you read these written words
See a past which runs
Off the beaten path
See a past which shows
A life of truth
A life of lies
A life with perspective
Of both sides, both sides of society.

Wealthy once poor, mind of the working class
Perspective of the bottom
Looking down from the top
A man with talent,
A man with a past,
A man with a future,
A man with stories to tell
And stories to sell.
The master of the macabre,
The man who
Sees the truth
Sees the lies
And has the perspective
Which most of us lack.
Read these written words,
Written by this man,
This man named Stephen King,
And read the fears which he
Sees in us all.