A/N: Yup, this is the result of me snapping. I've never quite snapped as bad as this but stuff happens eh? Don't mind the wierdness of the poem, it doesn't exactly flow but what does when you're insane? Meh, enjoy.. ^.^



That's it
I've snapped
The last straw has been pulled.
I'm laughing
And Crying
The two intertwine
And I begin to babble.

Words of love,
All intermix until
You can't make it out.

All over a little thing
So insignificant it's funny.
But with all those feeling
Built up over time,
It was only a drop more
Until it spilt over.

Don't you find it amusing?
Don't you find it funny?
Someone, so kind,
So... perfect
Can loose sanity at
The drop of a dime?
So could you...