Jamie Hood (drama-nerd016)


She walks through the crowded avenue.

has sight, but sees nothing.

It is her fatal choice;

she has ended her life

as she knew it.

She will never let anything penetrate her icy fortress

walls made of hatred of shame;

of loneliness and desires.

Towers of unfulfilled dreams.

Moats of dried tears.

Yes, she has numbed herself.

She feels secure in her frozen shell.

Forever untouchable.


I was a fool (It's a flaw of mine, you know)

And you were my "friend"

But I found myself wondering

When the night would end

Took long enough

Hate that feel when I'm there

As if I could die

But no one would stare ('Keep moving, folks,' says the sheriff)

No one would care because they don't dare

Care about broken people

How do they see through this

Fortess-esque disguise?

I thought that it would fade

Only with my demise

Guess I was wrong

I usually am


You question sin,

but can't you see?

That sin is in,

and always free.

It has its lures

it beckons deep.

There are no cures

no good to weep.

So just let go;

just give in.

Soon you'll know,

that You are Sin.


Dark clouds tumble across the sky,

Quivering with a fear of their own;

Fear of raw, raging nature.

Lightning highlights the midnight,

Fizzling, burning, dominating.

Spiteful wind fiercely tousles my hair,

But somehow I don't care.

The storm doesn't scare me,

But rather, its essence enchants me.


I suffer silently,

happiness an illusion.

I try to blame you.

I curse everything,

everyone, but I still can't curse you

or cast you from my mind.

I can't even release my tears.

I've withered and dried

into oblivion.

Will you be my Prince?

Set me free

from my cage of misery.

((A/N: So this is my old work…from about a year ago, give or take a few months. Since I don't really like a lot of my old stuff, this and the next will be the two compilation chapters in this series. My newer work can be found under the title: ))