Something I wrote when I was bored in Science class. Don't expect it to be all that great but *shrugs*

Fading hope drifts away from shore
Fighting against the tides
To come up on a new land
Sifted harshly through the jagged teeth of the ocean
Coral rooted in the sand
Stretching for the surface
Brushing the top of their crystal clear cage
Breaking free to taste air only to
Die, like the hope caught torn on the teeth
of the cold cruel depths
Sinking low, all hope is lost
Until tide comes in again
Breaking free of the seaweed, barring it's way
Hope rises for all to see
Crisp light breaches oer the horizon
A new day has begun
Hope has a chance against the tide
That has stopped the progress
Achieving a goal all secretly wished for
But were too meek to let their voices
Be heard against the tide,
Controlled by the white waxing moon
A fancy for the summer nights
Yet something so appealing
Could be the very thing holding us down.