Back when we met first,

I never saw our futures mesh,

Eternity's clock turned its hand,

You became the very best.

I try to tell you what you mean,

You say you know before I can,

And it makes me when to scream,

That maybe I could understand

Would you be the one to hold me?

Would you be the one to catch my fall?

Would you be the one to hold me?

And will I get to give it all?

Now my shoulder's dry,

I've learned not everything's forever,

Illusions to reality bitter,

I think I thought I knew better.

I try to hold you with me here,

And catch your tears that fall,

You just push words into my ear,

The words that will say it all:

(repeat chorus)

I thought I saw your light,

Chasing my darkness away,

Emotions rampage through,

Tossing priceless dreams astray.

(repeat chorus until end)