The Last Laugh

I look up at the night sky,
And I wonder about you.
Although I know you not,
I'm praying, and hoping, for you.
Though we never met,
My heart is saved for you,
Waiting, praying, for God's ultimate plan,
That his hand will guide me through.
In this world where love is cheap,
Where hearts are given with indifference,
I guard my heart and save my love,
So that one day, I'll sing you the sweetest song,
The song of true love.
Temptation lies at every step,
Waiting for a chance to steal me away,
But God is faithful, just, and true,
He protects me from the attacks that Satan makes,
I trust his holy plan,
And I pray you do too.
I hope you are not compromising your heart,
But instead are fighting the good fight,
Always keeping the Lord's will in sight.
Although the world laughs and mocks me,
For guarding my heart,
And protecting my love,
I smile and think about you,
And the day that we will finally meet.
For I know, on that day,
I will have the final shout,
That I will have the last laugh,
That will be the day,
The day I give my love to you.