Spiders are crawling
The dawn is dying
Spiders silently spinning
Sirens forsaken; left singing
Upon the beach
Among the bones, sun bleach
Ocean tides crash
Stuck on hooks sharks thrash
Eyes pitch and dead
Rolled back in their head

Oh sweet the sorrow
The siren sings of the marrow
Words are so enticing
Temptation in my person rising
The moon reaches its peak
And no longer do you speak
Under the silver light
And the stars of the night
Waiting all alone
Next to; among the bone
For the one to teach you
And bring joy to you
The wait is long, yes it will
But dream of the happiness he'll fill

Written on yellow parchment
Is a letter, which will be sent
Among the clouds
Above the shadows that shroud
Hiding in the dark
Yet it still leaves a mark
On my soul of silence
Touched by you in blindness

The song you sung
Has left my heart hung
It'll never drop or fall
'Til I see your all
I've heard your beautiful song
From fair lips not long
Ago and the words swim
Like the shark's eternal swim
On and on forever

Forget you; I'd never
I venture to find the singer
Oh that song that does linger
Taste the lips stained with sorrow
Hoping that shall happen on the marrow