My voice is never heard,
Yours is always louder.
You drown me out,
I can't compete with you.
I don't understand,
Why I cant speak a word,
To my best friend?
You ignore me,
When I have something to say.
My ideas,
Are stupid.
Don't need to be,

I don't deserve this,
I've only been kind,
To you.
I've put up with your shit,
But somehow,
You can't put up with mine.
It's impossible for us,
To be best friends,
If you hate who I am,
What I stand for.
If it isn't your way,
It's the wrong way.
If it isn't done your way,
It shouldn't be done at all.

You've lost friends,
Over the years.
But I've always been there.
I'm starting to think,
I'm your back up.
The one you use,
When no one else is around.
The person who you can persuade,
To do things your way.
The person who's too kind,
To say no.

Well I'm saying no now.
No to your lies,
No to your truths.
We cant be friends,
If you cant accept me,
For who I am.
You may not notice it now,
But it's your loss,
Not mine.
Who will you have to turn to?
When the world abandons you?
I wont be there,
Waiting in the shadows.
I'll be happy.
And there will be nothing,
You can do,
To take that away.
Because I said no.