.an. Alright, well its march break, right? And my 'friends' and me are
going to visit some more 'friends' in a town not too far away. But far
enough we don't see them often. And well, they aren't really my friends.
So, I don't know if I'll enjoy this fun filled trip to a place I'm sort of
dreading. But I'll cut with the author's note and get to the poem.

You planned this trip,
Like I didn't exist,
Like I wasn't a friend.

I wasn't there when you decided,
How long?

I wasn't told until after it was decided,
Until it was too late,
For me to back out.

But its never 'too late',
And I'm having second thoughts.

Do I want to spend my last free days,
Somewhere's I'm not wanted?
Where I know no one?

I know you'll ignore me,
Act as if I'm not there,
Like you do when we're home.

So why should I go?
Is there really any point?

Of course there's a guy,
There's always a guy.
But why one,
That you talk bad about,
Behind his back?
Is he really that special to you?

Oh right,
You're going just to,
Laugh at him.

The people up there,
They don't know me,
YOU don't know me.

Why should I go?
Please give me a good reason,
Other than,
'Beck, if you don't go,
I don't go'
Cause I'm having,
Second thoughts.